Monthly Archives: October 2012

The importance of tree and habitat surveys for conservation

We had the most amazing day on Saturday and I want to share some photographs with you showing why I love England so much!

You’ve probably gathered it’s the trees that make my home my home. I’m a forest girl through and through and there’s no better time to be living here than the change of the seasons between late summer and early autumn. Continue reading

Five simple ways to improve air quality in your home

Last week’s change the world Wednesday challenge had us busy preparing our homes for fall.

One of the most important aspects of winter preparation for me, is getting my family’s immunity in top shape.

For us this involves eating nourishing foods, using manuka honey and taking herbs such as echinacea. In our home, air quality monitoring is paramount. Continue reading

Six simple ways to save water [infographic]

This week I’ve been thinking about water conservation again.

Even though we’ve had a lot of rain this year, for some reason I try never to take it for granted.

Yet I make mistakes – only this morning I washed just three items in the washing machine because Little Miss Green wanted a particular outfit to wear. In all honesty I could have probably taken those clothes into the bath with me and given them a wash at the same time as washing myself! Continue reading