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The soul welcomes ritual and rhythm for balance, meaning and purpose. Celebrating the seasons and various festivals throughout the year can help us find significance in the simplest of actions.

30 days of meditation to change your life

woman meditatingThey say it takes 21 days to form a habit.

I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, from my own experience, but I do know that the tortoise wins the race – i.e. a little and often with conscientious commitment is the way to success.

That’s why I was intrigued to take part in the 30 Days of Change Blog Carnival.

Mandy pointed out that most resolutions are tossed aside within a couple of weeks and I tend to agree which is why I seldom make them.

However, I do use the beginning of the year to reflect on what is working in my life and what I’d like to change. I enjoy looking back over the past year and focusing on successes and taking a good honest look at the things I need to get rid of (or start!)

Mandy’s advice for change included keeping it simple. I know I’ve set myself such unattainable goals in the past there’s only ever been one way it will end up – with disappointment. I strive to be ‘perfect’ (part of my conditioning I’d love to drop sometime) and I push myself to do more and more but often the flip side is a sabotaging tendency to set myself up for failure.

Sound familiar?

I know that the mind, body, spirit balance approach to life keeps me feeling joyful and healthy. I recognise that when I spend too long at the computer or too much time working I get ‘top heavy’ – I can’t switch off, I’m irritable and I’m stressed.

I also know that meditation is a simple tool that keeps me balanced and focused on my blessings.

So my 30 day challenge was to make time to meditate every day. Not just make time, but PRIORITISE it. Not see it as a reward when all the chores were done, but to see it as an essential part of my day – as important as drinking water, eating and breathing…

I didn’t manage it every single day, but I did manage it most days. I had some of the most blissful experiences that really set me up for the day. I found moments of joy, lashings of gratitude and felt more calm and stable.

When I had difficult situations to deal with, I was able to ‘keep my cool’ much more often. I was able to make positive choices about how to respond to people and I found myself with more clarity. Not in a superficial ‘get through my day’ way, but in a profound ‘connect with my inner wisdom’ fashion.

Taking time out to focus on ourselves is challenging as a wife and mother. We can feel guilty or selfish. There is always something we ‘should’ be doing but it’s up to us to listen to the voices that guide us. Do we allow the inner critic to dictate or do we listen to the gentle, loving voice who guides us towards self care and respect?

It’s clear that when I’m balanced, I’m able to reach out to those who need me. When I’m running on empty there is nothing left to give and what I give can be pretty ugly and damaging.

I like to think I’m now keeping this up. I mean, I can see and feel the benefits to me, to my family and I believe, to the world at large. If we take the idea that we need to ‘be the change’, then if we want a world of joy, peace and health, it has to begin within us.

But I’ve also learned through my meditation practise that the most powerful gift we can offer ourselves is compassion. So if I miss a day, or a week I won’t beat myself up. I’ll simply start again.

What about you – do you meditate? Or do you prioritise some other form of self care in your life?


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Happy Harvest / Lughnasad

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