Who will join me on the ultimate spring clean?

jason-vale-big-juice-spring-detoxI don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of completing a good spring clean.

You clear away clutter, deal with all those pending jobs and clean away dirt and grime. The result is a clean, ordered space that functions well and is a pleasure to be in.

This year I’m inviting you to join me with a spring clean – not for your home but for your body!

I’ve always liked the idea of fasting, drinking juices or even eating uber healthy for a few days but fear has stopped me in my tracks.

I think many of us, particularly women, do not have a healthy relationship with food.

We eat too much, we don’t eat enough, we eat the wrong fuel, we eat with guilt, we eat with anger, we stuff food down to repress emotions – the list goes on.

But this year, I’ve decided I’m in a good enough head-space to give it a go.

Here’s what I’m up to and why I’m doing it.

I’d love some of you to join in with me – leave a comment if the idea of a spring clean from the inside-out appeals to you too!

4 thoughts on “Who will join me on the ultimate spring clean?

  1. nadine sellers

    BANANAS–in juicer or mixer..to keep weight stable.
    GINGER–for energy, immunity and strength.
    KEFIR for probiotic support.

    after seeing the documentary–“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” i tried to enlist my husband in a week-long fast to detox the body and scrub the mind with freshness…but he has hardly a pound to donate to the project and is more of an idealist vegetarian than a practicing vegetable lover..
    so on monday i would like to join you, sadly solo, on a cleansing fast..bananas seem to have fallen out of favor locally, hard to find here in the rural mid section of US,(i have no juicer) so i am using my mixer, need the fiber from all these wild greens i gather freely.

    bon appétit to sprintime participants!

  2. Mrs Green Post author

    @nadine sellers: I’ve not seen that film. I have seen Sicko though and that was pretty horrendous. I’ve also seen ‘hungry for change’ which was wonderful. I’ll check out your suggestion.

  3. Julie

    Hi Rae!

    I have a suggestion for your bumpy forehead. Try bicarbonate of soda mixed with water and used as a scrub. It works really nicely!


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