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Results of Ecover’s stain remover

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 December 2010 Loading Add to favourites  4 Comments

girl climbing treeYou might remember I’ve been trialling Ecover’s stain remover.

I found the perfect garment to put the stain remover through its paces – a white cotton t-shirt that Little Miss green had fallen over in and was covered in mud!

I explained to Ecover before the trial that I had very hard water and asked for advice so I followed their instructions to the letter.

First I was told to wet the garment, then rub the stain remover into the stain with the attached brush before washing as usual.

The washing product I used was Ecover’s concentrated Biological laundry liquid and I, in a very ‘ungreen’ way, washed this particular item on a 60 degree wash. Not very eco I know, but I rarely do it I promise!

I also had a cream coloured Egyptian cotton sheet to wash. Mr Green had fallen over and cut his knee open. I’m a great one for letting the air get to cuts instead of wrapping in a plaster, but little did I realise that his knee would be stuck to the sheet in the morning!

Following the instructions I made the blood stain wet, rubbed in the Ecover stain remover using the brush provided and washed at 60 degrees along with the t-shirt.

Unfortunately neither item came clean. The mud on the white t-shirt had faded, but was still noticeable. The Egyptian cotton sheet looked the same when it came out of the machine as when it went in which I was very disappointed about.

I will definitely stick with the bio laundry liquid because it’s great for most things and has the added benefit of softening  clothes slightly, but I won’t be buying the Stain Remover as it was ineffective. I think the mud would have faded anyway without pre treating it.

Instead I shall stick to some of my tried and tested methods such as soaking blood in cold salt water before washing. Although I love Ecover’s products; I’m a big fan of their power cleaner for instance, their Stain Remover isn’t a favourite with me…


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