A masters in business and sustainability and biodiversity!

college-studentsOne of my friends has gone back to school this year. She’s 50.

Another has signed up for a full time MBA. He’s 38.

And just like you’re never too old to learn something new I find it heartening to see that you can now take courses in topics that touch the heart of an eco friendly future.

When I was at college I could choose from the pretty non-immaginative English, Psychology, History…

Now you can study Ecology and Biodiversity, sustainability and environmental science. Even if you’re studying business, these important aspects of corporate social responsibility are covered, which makes me feel more positive about a greener future.

if you’re heading back to college this year, here are my 7 top tips for learning the green and eco friendly way:


Use supplies made from recycled materials such as notebooks, paper and folders.

Ditch the disposables

Swap disposable plastic biros for an ink fountain pen


Write and print on both sides of the sheet of paper


think about transport – if you live on campus you can walk or cycle. If you live off-site could you carpool or use public transport?


Use a refillable water bottle and fill up on campus rather than buying individual drinks

Zero waste

Pack a zero waste lunch

Turn it off!

Turn things off when you leave the room; lights, computers, the faucets…

What tips would you give to a student who wants to tread lightly on the planet?

Disclosure: I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “A masters in business and sustainability and biodiversity!

  1. Rachel

    My tip: Get together with friends to share cooking. It’s much easier to avoid waste when cooking for several people than for just one.

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