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Village bakery launches eco friendly and sustainable packaging

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 January 2008 Loading Add to favourites  3 Comments

compostable packagingCongratulations to the Village bakery for their eco awareness and ethical approach to business! Not only do they bake with renewable energy in the old fashioned way (wood ovens), but they have now launched compostable bags for some of their breads. Their Honey and Sunflower Bread, Spelt Bread, Organic Rye, Organic Rye with Coriander and Organic Country bread are now available in eco friendly and sustainable packaging made from non-GM starch.I’ve been a fan of Village Bakery bread for many years. I first came across them about twelve years ago when I had to go on a diet that excluded sugar and yeast, due to candida overgrowth.
artisan bread
Their motto ‘time equals flavour’ echoes some of our own values too. The Village bakery use time honoured tradition to create true artisan breads such as leavens and sourdoughs and the shortest ingredients labels you will find. My favourite – the Russian rye bread consists of simply rye flour, water and sea salt.

I can bake cakes and biscuits with my eyes shut, but have never mastered bread. I could build houses with the products of my baking sessions, no matter what method, ingredients or recipe I use. But I refuse to buy white pap that grows in your mouth as you chew it, is full of product improvers, emulsifiers or preservatives and arrives in a sweaty plastic bag which I then have to dispose of.

Now we can buy rwood oveneal food in packaging that doesn’t impart such a negative impact on the environment. If you are gluten or dairy intolerant, the Village bakery have a dedicated gluten, wheat and dairy free bakery too. Yes, the greenest and most self sufficient way is to bake your own. But if, like me, you’re just not a natural baker then it’s great to be able to buy a tasty, healthy and natural loaf.


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  • jen says:

    Since moving to the lake District in 1999, I have been hooked on The Village Bakery products. The bread is the tastiest around, the date slices are amazing. All products use organic ingredients and are cooked using wood fired ovens. They have been revolutionary in their methods. It is great to hear they are now using compostable bags. All other bakeries, take note!

  • Oceans Green says:


    We ran across your website and i read it more interesting “Sustainable Packaging” in which involves increased use of life cycle inventory and lifecycle assessment to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological impact. Thank you for some ideas you shared i learn a lot from it. We’ll come back often.

    Once again, thank you very much!


    Oceans Green

  • Mrs Green says:

    @jen: Hi Jen, the lake district is beautiful – you are very lucky to live there. I agree that village bakery make wonderful products that are leading the way. I’m glad you are enjoying them.
    Do you have a favourite product?

    @Oceans Green: Hi ocean’s green – welcome to the site and thank you for taking the time to comment. Your site looks great; the use of biodegradable products are becoming more popular.
    What is your most popular line?