Can a minimalist and a hoarder live in harmony?

minimalist roomSmall Footprints has challenged us to get our homes in order for the winter.

The other week we were busy putting space blankets on our ceiling.

Find out why, here.

Last week we went on holiday. Our apartment was right next to the sea and it was amazing.

I went to sleep and woke up every day to the sounds of the ocean.

But being on holiday arouses the same feelings in me every time I come back home…

We have way too much stuff.

We managed perfectly well in a tiny apartment. There were two bedrooms, a shower room and a kitchen / diner.

That was it.

We had what we needed in the back of the car and we all had a great time.

The scenery was stunning, the pace of life suited us and we all got on well. In fact we spent a lot of quality time together, rather than getting absorbed in our stuff…

So when I came home I was determined (yet again!) to do a serious house declutter.

But you know what friends?

This time it’s really happening. And here are the keys to my success:

Astrology! I know some of you will roll your eyes but I really believe in working with the energies that are presented to us. I won’t bore you with details, but suffice to say there is the perfect planetary alignment for me right now to tackle my home and get it in order.

Cats! Cats are my favourite animal with a special place in my heart. When we came back from holiday we needed to call into a local shop to get a few supplies. On the notice board was a notice about a jumble sale this Saturday in aid of the Cats Protection.

I needed no more persuasion! Not only do I get to declutter, but all my unwanted stuff will help the Cats Protection raise much-needed funds.

Help! On holiday Little Miss Green suggested we started setting ourselves weekly challenges. So I have a helper on hand – she’s great at lifting, sorting and keeping me on the ‘be ruthless’ track.

Being honest! Every couple has a few conversations they don’t want to have, right? It might be about the in-laws, money or sex but not us. Oh no, MY unspoken conversation that I can never bring myself to have is the ‘let’s declutter’ conversation.


Because Mr Green is a hoarder.

He has serious issues about letting stuff go. I mean, ya know, serious issues.

He gets panicky when I release things, which is linked to a time when he was burgled, so it was a terribly hard decision to make because I know it triggers him. But as a closet minimalist I am getting more and more resentful of the burden of excess stuff around me.

So I had ‘the conversation’.

I promised I would not touch any of his stuff, so it’s compromise all the way. And of course, there will still be far too much stuff for my liking.

But good relationships are all about compromise aren’t they. And it means I can claim some areas of the home for sanity!

Anyway, as usual, Small Footprints is reading my mind from across the pond.

This week she asks us to clean our homes the eco friendly way in time for Winter.

But you can’t clean clutter, right?

So I’ll be a week behind, but once this home is a haven of peace I’ll get my eCloths out!

So far I’ve decluttered the conservatory, kitchen annexe, porch and under stairs cupboard and I’m going great guns!

What about you – team hoarder or team minimalist?

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  1. Chris on October 10, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    I am back from my hols too but I was away for 6 weeks in the south of France so after my experience of bread pud for a whole caravan site for Zero Waste Week I am now sorting out the food in the garden. 20lb of grapes is now grape juice, the carrots and potatoes are store, and I have made the mincemeat and several cakes. Now I have to winter clean [spring cleaning but I do it in the bad weather] the house, wash the windows, clean the light bulbs and shades etc also lay in some extra food in case of snow etc as Mr L can not get out in icy weather so I like at least 1 weeks extra food. Busy times.