Common ailments

Three ways to banish colds and flu


My friend is still getting over a horrible cold that had her bedridden for a week. Here at Little Green Blog HQ we’re putting all our ideas into place to stop us picking up bugs and germs.

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My Angina Monologue

Think it can’t happen to you? Our guest writer today shares her personal story; how she, an active, fit person suffered from a heart attack. She has since made it her mission to teach others about stress solutions. Read her simple profound tip for reducing stress today.

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How’s your gut?

It’s Love your Gut week! Find out how the biggest digestive event of the year can help improve your health and wellbeing. Come and share your tips for happy, healthy guts too!

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4 natural remedies for colds

Last week I woke up with a cold. I kind of new it was coming as I’ve been very busy lately, stressed and not listening to my body’s need for rest and some TLC. When we don’t take care of the subtle messages, our body-mind finds other ways of getting us to listen! Here are…

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