Energy saving

The growing importance of Wind Power in the UK

importance of wind turbine energy

For hundreds of years, we have made use of wind power. A common image that comes to mind is the classic Dutch windmill in Holland. Nowadays, wind power is becoming more important, widely used and with some modern updates. For example, there is now the ultra-modern windmill update- the wind turbine.

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How much do you have to invest to go green?

electric car charging

While my passion is combining frugality with sustainable living, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a wishlist of ‘one day’ investment that would flex the plastic somewhat! On the blog I talk about eating well on a budget, those tiny ‘no brainer’ things you can do to reduce your impact on the earth and little-known…

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A simple way to slash your energy bills

natural curtain company thermal imaging

As you might remember, Mr Green and I came up with a cunning and frugal plan to reduce our carbon footprint. Being the ever-resourceful guy, Mr Green lined our dining room curtains and ceiling with space blankets.

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Are you ready for a smart meter?

smart meter

I’m all for reducing our carbon footprint and our bills by being aware of the amount of energy we use. In the past I’ve tried all sorts of energy recording devices from the Owl to the Wattson and even a small individual meter that you could use to track the amount of electricity used by…

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