Environment issues

14 ways to reduce indoor air pollution

Indoor Air Pollution Infographic

As you know, we run a couple of woodburners here at Chez Green, and although I wouldn’t swap them for the world, they DO produce a lot of dust and dirt. Which is why I’m getting in the mood for a good spring clean.

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5 toxins to avoid in your cleaning products

Many conventional household cleaners contain a bewildering array of chemicals. Some are safe and some are best avoided. There are hundreds of chemicals in daily use and here are 5 of the most common which you may find in your chosen products:

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How to use essential oils without an oil burner

One of the easiest ways to benefit from essential oils is by using an oil burner. But what if you want to use oils and DON’T have a burner? Or you don’t want to use one because you have young children around that could get hurt by a naked flame? Today I’m sharing seven ways to use essential oils in your home without the need for a specialised burner!

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Eco friendly laundry products

We’re airing our dirty laundry for this week’s Change the World Wednesday challenge! Most people have their favourite laundry products – usually determined by smell and how effective they are.

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Keeping Your Home Safe: The Dangers You Don’t See

Many of us spend time safeguarding our homes from obvious dangers, such as trailing wires, faulty sockets and broken furniture, but there are many invisible dangers that are not obviously apparent. These include chemicals and gases that can be toxic, causing illness and even proving fatal. 

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