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Wellness water filter review

Mr Green has a strong reaction to chlorine. He refuses to drink tap water unless it is filtered and even brushing his teeth or flushing the toilet makes him gag. After a bath his eyes are red and streaming and his lungs are dry. This has led us to trying out several water filters and…

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Supporters Of Homeopathy Outraged At Medical Union’s Attacks

British supporters of homeopathy, including GPs, medical experts, MPs and patients, are disappointed by motions carried against homeopathy at yesterday’s conference of the British Medical Association in Brighton. Many supporters of homeopathy gathered in front of the Brighton Centre with banners and placards to let doctors know how much they value NHS homeopathy which has…

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Alternative treatments and therapies for SAD

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Symptoms can range from tiredness, inability to get up in the mornings and carbohydrate cravings to more severe symptoms such as depression, loss of interest in ‘normal’ activities and total exhaustion. Although anti depressants are often prescribed for people suffering from SAD there…

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