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Slightly Different Foods for IBS and FODMAP

fodmap and ibs friendly storecupboard foods

  About three decades ago, I gave my diet a radical overhaul. My health depended on it. Out went convenience food, takeaways and afternoon chocolate bars and in came proper home cooked food. This benefited me so much that I went on to train to help others. I now work as a therapist, specialising in…

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National honey week!

National Honey week runs from 3 – 9 May 2010 and is celebrating it’s twelfth year! Honey is an amazing cure all; you can use it to treat burns, wounds, sore throats, stomach ulcers and coughs. Exciting research shows manuka honey has the ability to reduce gum disease too. As you might be aware, I’m…

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Using sesame oil for health and beauty

Another of our ‘must have’ natural health items here at Little Green Blog is sesame oil! Not just for stir fries, sesame oil has many wonderful health and beauty benefits and one of its most important properties is that it’s stable, unlike many oils which go rancid quickly. You can use sesame oil safely both…

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National Honey week

Next week is National Honey Week – one of the UK’s sweetest celebrations! It runs from 4 to 10 May 2009 and is your opportunity to experience the culinary delights and health benefits of honey. I have a particular passion for honey; believing it to be a true superfood. Every year, from September, I give…

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