Water conservation

How to cope with a hosepipe ban

Who knows what the weather will bring us next? It’s only May and we’ve had a drought followed by six weeks of rain. Now we’re in a heatwave! Our guest writer, Polly, shares her five tips for conserving water so you can do your bit for the environment AND enjoy a flourishing garden.

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12 tips for surviving a drought in the garden

Today’s guest writer shares some fantastic tips for water conservation. With areas of the UK already in a drought situation, these are relevant for all of us no matter where we live … Butts, bathwater and mulching: tips about how to help your garden survive a bout of drought

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How to conserve water at home – 7 tips

Day 17 of our carbon fast was all about water. The suggestion read “Reduce water usage in your home by fixing leaky faucets, which can waste up to 50 gallons a day. Turn the tap off and on during shaving, washing hands and brushing teeth. (You can save a gallon of water while washing hands,…

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