Mrs Green runs down the street naked

Sony and WWF open planet ideas initiative logoI love nothing better than the excuse to flex my creative muscles, and living the green life certainly gives you the opportunity to do that!

Whether it’s creating a meal from leftovers, designing an edible container garden or hand making Birthday presents, there are lots of ways to create new things from old and help the environment.

We ALL have fantastic ideas and I know the readers of Little Green Blog are particularly creative. We all put simple tools and techniques into place every moment of every day and much of the time we don’t notice our own skills.

It’s only when somebody comments about how innovative you are that you stop to think!

Well now it really is time to stop and think with Sony and WWF’s Open Planet Ideas initiative.

You know how you’ve always secretly wanted to change people’s behaviours and encourage them to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Well now you have the perfect way!

Sony and WWF want you to start thinking about how you could utilise items in their technology showcase along with other technologies to make positive, lasting change to the future. You can enter your idea into one of their six challenge themes which include ‘Cleaner by design’, ‘Changing behaviour’ and ‘Recycling revisited’.

This year I’ve been particularly bothered by taking a bath! Yes I know, the innocent activity of immersing myself in hot water, as luxurious as it may be, is leaving me feeling guilty. During the autumn and winter I heat the water with wood, so it’s not the electricity for heating the water that is causing me to lose sleep, it’s the fact that once I’ve finished my bath there is still a resource in there. It’s a resource that I pour down a plug hole.

The other day Mr Green was going to hop in the bath after me, so I left the water in. He got sidetracked and didn’t get around to his bath. However, he walked into the bathroom an hour later and exclaimed how warm it was in there.

This has been my point for ages!

We’re pouring warm water away and I think it should be re-used. We’ve already heated it, so how about circulating it around the house to provide warmth to the house or even into the washing machine to save preheating it? When the heat has gone, we need to find a way to filter and clean the water ready for storage to use again for toilet flushing.

While I haven’t quite reached the point of standing up and shouting ‘Eureka’ and running down the street naked to share my idea, I have entered my idea for reusing bath water on the Sony and WWF challenge board. If you like it, be a love and go along and applaud it. While you’re there, add your own idea. Go on! You know you want to:

Join the challenge and Find Out More About Open Planet Ideas

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