Softer water – more money, happy planet!

little-green-blog-soft-water-for-health-and-environmentKeeping an eye on how much water we use comes naturally to most of us, but could buying a water softener be the next logical step to help you take care of the environment and keep as much money as possible in your pocket?

This article explores some of the ways in which a water softener could make your world that little bit greener.

Softer water is gentle on laundry

Most UK households have hard water and their clothes pay the price. Discoloured whites, stained garments and irritation from calcium deposits caught up in the fibres are all symptoms of a washing machine that’s being hit hard by hard water.

One way to try to combat these effects is to use more fabric conditioner, but that’s likely to get expensive quickly – and that’s not to mention how bad it is for the environment.

A water softener fitted to the washing machine supply will help your washing powder give you the results it should, meaning brighter whites and softer clothes, and it’ll help keep limescale at bay in your machine.

Now that the powder can get to work properly, you’ll be able to wash at a lower temperature, saving yourself even more money!

Softer water can help your looks, so you’ll need fewer products

Chemicals like calcium and magnesium are present at significant levels in hard water.

These chemicals not only hamper water’s cleansing properties, they stay around on your hair and face. So goodbye luscious, advert-worthy locks; instead, it’s hello dry hair and split ends.

A water softener fitted to your water supply will not only ensure pure water cleanses you as it should, it’ll allow your skin and haircare products to work at their best, so you can get a good lather going with less product!

Softer water makes water heaters more efficient

A New Mexico State University research team discovered that gas heaters with a water softening system used 23.8 per cent less energy than those without, and electric heaters used 17.8 per cent less than those without.

From clothes and haircare to household heaters, if you want your purchases to last, it may be well worth visiting the website of a retailer like Harvey Water Softeners to find out more about transforming your water supply for a greener, more energy-efficient home.

What about you – do you have hard or soft water at home and how do you deal with it?