The Importance Of Getting In Tune With Your Body

take care of your health


Some people are naturally very in tune with their body. Any physical ailments they have can be pinpointed or understood and sometimes you know when something just isn’t right or when it’s time to slow down. Other people, however, struggle to get in tune with their body and either ignore symptoms, do not appreciate their body enough to say no and take time off, or they just don’t see the importance of taking care of your body.

Your body is your temple and ensuring that you know when something is wrong could help save your life or even save a few pennies on medical care and expenses.

So how do you know exactly when something isn’t right?

The power of journalling

When we have symptoms such as a headache or a pain in a specific area, or we are off our food, they can all be connected to something minor and something that will easily pass. We all have times when our bodies don’t function to their best ability and it means nothing, it may be that you’re run down or your mind and body aren’t as in sync as they should be.

However, if we start to see consistent pattern with how we feel and they occur at the same time of the month or if we have symptoms that are just not alleviating for over three weeks, then that is probably the time that you should speak to a health care professional. Journaling can be a great way to keep on track of our health and keep a health journal writing down what your feeling and when and what helped it and when it disappeared and what you were feeling mentally when it happened and then look to see if anything tallies or if you can connect any dots.

Often times we can and for women sometimes they may occur at similar times during our cycles and it may take months or even years to realise this. Journalling is a great way to also keep track of any other symptoms and to show your doctor to see if they can help piece things together.

Start to become more aware of your body

Some people naturally have an awareness of their own heart beat, and this can be mistaken for palpitations; some people often those with a pre-existing condition or someone who has health anxiety will pick up on any and all changes within their body but may forget that changes with the shape of our body and the way our body functions is very normal; however, if it’s causing issues to your daily life, be sure to have it checked.

Taking note of your body and how it works is incredibly interesting for those who have had no prior interest; because it will allow you to work out what is normal for you. Some symptoms you have may be normal for you and not for others; we are all different. What affects us and how? How do we feel when it is affecting us? These are all things to think about because it could one day save your life.

Dental Health

We often overlook dental health and forget that it’s important to have our health insurance for the dentist as you can certainly get issues with your teeth that can mean you don’t want to eat, or your cant sleep and may result in dosing up on pain relief which is not good for your digestive system in the long run. Pain in the mouth can be horrible and if you have a toothache that you can’t handle, you will need to see a dentist as soon as possible to avoid any further complications or further agony.

Keeping on top of your dental health is important to be sure to never miss your check ups and to brush regularly twice a day and floss regularly to avoid any type of plaque building up. If you have gum disease this is important to ensure you do regularly or to try to avoid getting gum disease if you’re predisposed to it. Have a plan in place that covers you or a pot of money set aside for when dental emergencies arise. Avoid sugary drinks often and have a healthier diet that is less acidic to ensure your teeth are healthy.

Look At Eye Health

Eye health again is another important factor and something we may forget to look after. Keeping a good routine with your eyes and getting your regular two year test is vital to spot any problems. An eye test can say a lot about your health and if you struggle with headaches or any kind of dizziness or visual issue, it may well be related to your eyes. It’s important to get your eyes tested and talk through your optician.

They will run the necessary tests and assess your eye health and see if you need glasses and if you do when you need to wear them and what is best for your particular issue. These things can be solved and aided by a basic eye test and getting to learn how to properly take care of your eyes. Take necessary supplements and give your eyes a rest from screens often.

Don’t strain your eyes whilst driving and use sunglasses when possible to avoid the glare that can make the eyes feel irritated or stinging. Eye drops and eye washes can help with tired eyes but again knowing your body and knowing when to take that break will really assist you with feeling better and having the right measures in place for your health.

Keep on top of your health today for a much brighter tomorrow.