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Protected: A stylish, ethical, organic and fair trade capsule ‘eco chic’ wardrobe

By Mrs Green | March 11, 2008

Organic and ethical fashion is often associated with hippies wearing kaftans and Birkenstocks. What if you are ethically minded but need to wear smart dress for work? There are more choices than ever now with lots of companies offering organic, fair trade clothing suitable for the boardroom. Browsing around the internet, it’s easy to find…

Using vinegar for a natural spring clean

By Mrs Green | March 10, 2008

Many of us will be thinking about a spring clean. Some of us will actually get around to doing one 😀 If you walk into any store, you’ll see aisles full of the latest products that claim to save you time and energy, whilst getting your home sparkling clean. Unfortunately, many of these products contain…

Plan a natural, ethical Easter celebration this year

By Mrs Green | March 9, 2008

Easter is often a difficult time for eco friendly parents wanting to make an positive choice. Shops are full of chocolate Easter eggs and ‘treats’; most of which are high in sugar, fat and chemicals and low on environmental sustainability.

Natural home made facial cleanser recipe using yogurt and oats

By Mrs Green | March 8, 2008

I wanted to share the easiest and most gorgeous facial cleanser recipe with you today. Well actually it’s a cleanser, gentle exfoliator and moisturiser rolled into one. The best thing about it is, that the left overs can be eaten for breakfast – in the bath; take a spoon with you. And there is no…

All your ethical lingerie under one ‘green’ roof from Figleaves

By Mrs Green | March 6, 2008

Figleaves, the world’s largest online seller of lingerie have launched their long-awaited ‘Green leaves’ section – their dedicated department for green products. Now you can buy your favourite eco underwear under one roof and indulge in some ‘guilt free shopping’

Meals from leftovers – tuna and cheese tarts

By Mrs Green | March 5, 2008

Today, upon daring to open the fridge door, I was confronted with enough tuna to make a small sandwich, a tablespoon or so of sweetcorn, half a red pepper, a couple tablespoons of double cream, a small square of cheese and some broccoli.

At last! Ethical, Fair Trade, 100% degradable balloons

By Mrs Green | March 4, 2008

Today is Little Miss Green’s Birthday, so just a quick post from me while she plays with some of her new presents. I am thrilled to be able to give credit, first hand to Fair Deal Trading for an excellent product and speedy service. (Thank you James!)

Reduce plastic waste going in the landfill – nine top tips

By Mrs Green | March 3, 2008

A friend was recently lamenting that she wished we could recycle more plastic. Often they were left with plastic containers, trays and bottles that they could not get rid of. While I sympathise to a certain point, I do feel that the onus is on us as consumers to show the supermarkets and the Government…

Happy Mother’s Day to our Earth Mother

By Mrs Green | March 2, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers, carers and mother-figures everywhere. Most especially I would like us to help our Mother Earth; she who connects us all, to have a wonderful. gentle and love-filled day. What simple action can we each do to help heal some of the devastation mankind has perpetrated on the earth today?

Say it with organic, ethical and sustainable UK flowers

By Mrs Green | February 29, 2008

Sometimes a girl just wants a vase of fresh flowers to cheer up her home. There is nothing quite so lovely as beautiful colours and a heavenly scent for the feel-good factor in life. Unfortunately, cut flowers, unless home grown, often means thousands of air miles, tonnes of pesticides and dangerous working conditions for farmers…

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