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eco resolutions

The Green’s New Year’s Eco Resolutions

By Mrs Green | December 6, 2020

  Around this time each year, I start thinking about my new year’s resolutions. Unlike most people, they tend not to focus around going to the gym, giving up vices or changing my eating habits. I like to think about all the things I can do to make life more sustainable. I’ve been doing this…

getting kids in nature

How to Nurture a Love of Nature in Your Kids

By Mrs Green | December 2, 2020

  Raising your kids to be green is not always easy. One sure-fire way to get them interested in playing their part in caring for the planet is to nurture a love of nature. Having a connection to the great outdoors and seeing nature up close is the best way to develop a respect for…

recycle your electricals to preserve the planet

How to Recycle Your Electricals – any why you should

By Mrs Green | November 27, 2020

  During lockdown HWRCs were shut, charity shops closed their doors and some kerbside collections were disrupted. Yet because many people were at home, they used this time to get on with those ‘one day’ projects such as decluttering. I don’t know about you, but when I root around in the kitchen ‘junk drawer’ (you…

eco friendly swaps to be more sustainable

How To Be More Eco-Conscious In Your Home

By Mrs Green | November 18, 2020

  The recent pandemic has bought home to us how we are all connected with nature. During the first lockdown, we read stories of pollution reducing, air clearing and of the environment looking better. It inspired many people to want to make positive changes. Here are some tips on how you can be more eco-conscious…

5 ways to shop ethically

5 Ways to Make an Ethical Purchase

By Mrs Green | November 4, 2020

  People often ask me what the ‘must have’ products are that will help them be more sustainable and that satisfy ethical credentials. I usually give an answer they don’t want to hear! And that is that the ‘greenest’ product you can buy is none at all. If you think about it, the best thing…

elephant tutorial result from cygnets art class online

Feeling my fear about art – and drawing it anyway

By Mrs Green | October 3, 2020

  Recently I’ve been taking a good look at my thoughts and how they impact my life (clue: a LOT!) According to science we each have around 60,000 thoughts each day, but it seems we only have about a dozen different ones. In other words we loop endless dross around our grey matter every second…

carbon offsetting greenwashing or helping reduce climate change

Carbon Offsetting – is it Greenwashing or an Important Answer to Reducing Climate Change?

By Mrs Green | September 16, 2020

  I was contacted by a recently launched carbon offsetting company called Climate Wise. Climate Wise has been founded to give passionate individuals the power to offset their own carbon impact by funding projects that are helping to reduce and reverse climate change. Now I admit I’ve been a bit cynical about carbon offsetting, as…

eco friendly beauty

Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

By Mrs Green | September 8, 2020

  With the buzz words of the moment being green, sustainable and eco-friendly, these concepts have permeated across every aspect of our lives. From our smarter and greener homes to our more environmentally friendly cars with their electric engines rather than fume emitting exhausts, our way of living is moving towards something more sustainable. As…

The beagle button browser extension for sustainable shopping logo

How to Shop More Sustainably with Beagle Button

By Mrs Green | September 3, 2020

  Little Green Blog was originally set up to help people live more sustainably, by sharing solutions that meet your needs when making purchasing decisions. The site was aimed at helping you live as ethically as possible, no matter what your areas of concern are. Nobody can do everything, but each of us can do…

eco friendly cleaning

How to Clean your Home the Eco Friendly Way – and Why you Should!

By Mrs Green | July 28, 2020

  Take a look at your household cleaning products – how many have you got? If you’re anything like the average household, you’ll have products to clean the floor, one to clean the bathtub, another for the kitchen sink, specialized ones for countertops, formulas for glass, different ones for polishing wooden furniture, and yet more…

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