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Send an ecard and help protect the rainforests.

By Mrs Green | June 10, 2008

For a limited time, the lovely people at the RainForest site are giving away funding to protect 10 square feet of habitat for every “Protect Habitat–FREE!” e-card viewed.The Rainforest Site, through, will give funding to World Land Trust-US to save the homes of endangered species in Paraguay. It’s so simple to do, and your…

More art from us

By Mrs Green | June 6, 2008

We’ve had a few rainy days here and Little Miss Green has been resisting all forms of school work recently. So, what to do apart from a little art to soothe the nerves and stroke the feathers? Inspired by the ever amazing Art projects for kids, we did an bit of paper and glue play.

Get your kids outside

By Mrs Green | June 4, 2008

I read yesterday that more that three-quarters of parents in the UK admit that their children are tempted to play indoors with computer games and dvds rather than play outside. As a result parents said that their children often spend as little as one hour each week playing outdoors. Read that again, dear readers –…

Tampon alert week June 2 – 8 2008

By Mrs Green | June 3, 2008

This week is tampon alert week, with the rather in yer face theme from Tampon Alert of “Please tell her – tampons can kill.” Tampon Alert was set up by family and friends of Alice Kilvert, who died from tampon-related Toxic Shock Syndrome at the age of 15. Toxic Shock syndrome can be quick and…

WRAP Recycle week – 2nd June 2008

By Mrs Green | June 1, 2008

This week is WRAP’s Recycle Week. In it’s fifth year, the aim is to promote awareness of recycling and inspire the public to recycle more. It’s supported by the national recycling campaigns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, together with a growing number of local authorities. This year’s theme is ‘Just one more thing we…

A waffle from me!

By Mrs Green | May 30, 2008

Phew! where does the time go? It’s been a crazy week, so I thought I’d post up some news to let you know I’m still alive………. Lemme see; this is where my mind goes blank and I realise I have been doing a whole load of nothing, but feeling very busy and looking very important…

Natural remedies for sore throats

By Mrs Green | May 23, 2008

I have a sore throat today. I know why it is – I’ve run myself down. For the past 48 hours I’ve been working hard and it’s taken its toll on my health. I tend to get myself immersed body, mind and soul into projects, and, being an empath, if I’m working on something that…

more natural remedies for hayfever

By Mrs Green | May 21, 2008

Following on from yesterday’s article, here are 4 more natural hayfever remedies 5- AROMATHERAPY There are several essential oils that can be beneficial. You might like to make up a blend, put a drop on a handkerchief and carry it with you, or put a few drops in a base oil and rub on your…

8 natural remedies for hayfever

By Mrs Green | May 20, 2008

Hayfever, although common, can be an incredibly debilitating condition to suffer from. Itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, headaches, lethargy, sneezing fits, broken sleep and blocked nose are just a few of the symptoms. Most antihistamine prescribed medications come with the side effect of incredible lethargy. So much so, some medication warns against driving or operating…

Two VIPS visit Chez Green!

By Mrs Green | May 19, 2008

This afternoon I got back from an errand and was walking across the drive to our house when someone called me from behind. I turned round to see who my guest was and I saw this cute pair following me!

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