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Reduce plastic waste going in the landfill – nine top tips

By Mrs Green | March 3, 2008

A friend was recently lamenting that she wished we could recycle more plastic. Often they were left with plastic containers, trays and bottles that they could not get rid of. While I sympathise to a certain point, I do feel that the onus is on us as consumers to show the supermarkets and the Government…

Happy Mother’s Day to our Earth Mother

By Mrs Green | March 2, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers, carers and mother-figures everywhere. Most especially I would like us to help our Mother Earth; she who connects us all, to have a wonderful. gentle and love-filled day. What simple action can we each do to help heal some of the devastation mankind has perpetrated on the earth today?

Say it with organic, ethical and sustainable UK flowers

By Mrs Green | February 29, 2008

Sometimes a girl just wants a vase of fresh flowers to cheer up her home. There is nothing quite so lovely as beautiful colours and a heavenly scent for the feel-good factor in life. Unfortunately, cut flowers, unless home grown, often means thousands of air miles, tonnes of pesticides and dangerous working conditions for farmers…

Choose ethical, sustainable toys and decorations this Easter

By Mrs Green | February 29, 2008

Easter is on March 23rd and one of my favourite ethical toy companies is offering free delivery on orders over #50 placed until 17th March 2008. Quote ‘Easter Egg’ with your order (or type it in the ‘offer code box’ online) to take advantage of free delivery. Myriad specialises in hand-crafted organically shaped natural wooden…

Get a free copy of Ecoescape travel guide and plan an ethical holiday in the UK

By Mrs Green | February 27, 2008

If you live in the UK and are planning an eco friendly holiday, then you can grab yourself a free copy of the first edition of Ecoescape. Ecoescape is a directory of green places to stay and visit in the UK. It brings together sustainable ideas for every step of the way: from places to…

Reduce fuel consumption and save money – one simple frugal step could save you 20%!

By Mrs Green | February 26, 2008

I’ve been experimenting with the way I cook in order to try and save some carbon emissions. This week I’ve been doing the simplest thing that MUST be saving a considerable amount of resources. (my electricity reading shows I’ve cut 20% off my normal usage this week).

Are Sainsbury’s selling rubbish clothes (from recycled plastic packaging)?

By Mrs Green | February 25, 2008

Sainsbury’s are to be the first supermarket to sell new products made from their own waste – Now there’s a sustainable move! They are set to launch an ethical and eco friendly range of shirts, trousers and skirts made from recycled plastic, later in the year.

Eco friendly and ethical gifts for Mother’s Day

By Mrs Green | February 25, 2008

Mother’s Day is on March 2nd this year. It’s a time to show that we love our Mother’s for all that they do, and have done for us. If we consider that Mother’s have been worshipped as the creator of life for generations, it seems a good opportunity to support this with ethical and sustainable…

Resusable sanitary protection

By Mrs Green | February 24, 2008

They’re eco friendly, sustainable, natural, a green option, and if you make your own from old towels or t-shirts, they’re a self sufficient project to get stuck into, too. I’m talking about washable sanitary towels guys and gals. I’ve been using them for years and I LOVE them.

Home made frugal tomato soup recipe (includes vegan version)

By Mrs Green | February 23, 2008

Making soup satisfies the criteria for one of the simplest ways to begin your self sufficient journey. It is a frugal meal once you have a few favourite recipes up your sleeve; especially if you make a habit of using left overs or using up odd bits of vegetable that might otherwise be thrown out.…

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