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mrs green 2007I’m a thirty something woman (Mrs Green) living with my gorgeous husband (Mr Green), our daughter (Little Miss Green) and cat (Pussus Cattus Green) in semi-rural UK.

If you are committed to a greener way of life, or are just starting out on the path of eco awareness, then you might find something within these blog pages to interest you.

I have a passion to share information I have gathered over the years in the hope thatmr green 2007 someone else can benefit from it too. Self empowerment are our keywords here at chez Green. We like to research things, learn from others and share the love and knowledge. Much as the internet can be a phenomenal time waster, it has also opened up the opportunity to many people to seek knowledge and share information.

Environmental issues, eco conscious, sustainable living, gardening, self sufficiency, real food, frugality, reducing energy usage, reusing, reducing, recycling, recipes, repairs, fair trade, organic, making your own cleaning products and natural healing methods are all areas that we, as a family are passionate Little Miss Green 2007about. We’ll share some of our experiences and findings within this blog.

Over the past few years, our interest in supporting the planet and her inhabitants has grown. I think having a child enhances your awareness of the fragility of life and the legacy we leave behind.
As a family, we are trying to live as lightly on the earth as possible each day and make conscious choices wherever we can.

Little Miss Green is home educated. She is very creative and never uses any object foPussus Cattus Greenr its intended use for long. Storage boxes rapidly become elaborate dens, houses or boats. Pencils are rabbit food (and she is the rabbit), curtains are the sea, her bed is for swinging from and her mattress is a trampoline.

She loves reading, writing stories and can usually be found creating a work of art somewhere. (Often on her bedroom wall). She says that one day she is going to write a book and sell it for a million pounds on the days that she is not being a vet, running her shop or being a farmer’s wife with five children. Apparently her farm is going to be large enough so that we can move in and look after her children while she looks after the animals.

the greens 2001She is a natural Buddhist (I can’t garden with her because every creature has to be saved, made a bed for and reunited with its mother, so it takes about 3 hours to dig a square inch) and she has an attachment to none of her possessions. When she is done with them, she gives them away – we can all learn alot about trust from that.

Mr. Green drives me insane with his love of stuff. I’m trying to minimalise; while he maximises everything. When I create a space on a shelf or in a cupboard he asks me what I am going to fill it with. He has more clothes and shoes than me and enough wood stashed away to build an ark.

He has an exceptionally annoying habit of his ‘one day’ stuff actually coming in usefulmr and mrs green 2002 which makes it even more hard for me to convince him to release things. He has built a conservatory, put in a shower, and installed radiators from his ‘it might come in useful one day’ hoard. I have nightmares that he will drop dead and leave me with all this stuff, but I have threatened to put a large skip on his grave and set fire to everything on top of him.

On the flip side, he is incredibly handsome, has a voice to die for, is a good listener, is understanding, protects his family fiercely, is creative, passionate, dynamic, practical and erm, well, let’s just say he comes up to scratch in all the important areas of a relationship 😉

cherry tree 2002I like to write and make spaces to enjoy until Mr Green finds something to fill them with. I love creating meals from nothing, meditating, staring into the flames of the fire, listening to music, thinking, dreaming, watching the sunset or sunrise, watching the stars and moon and I love turning up the music until the windows rattle to dance around the house. I enjoy sweeping the floors and a nice clean bathroom – we all have our quirks………….

I’m an INFP, a type 4 with a 5 wing on the eneagram, a 30/3 life path number and as you’ve probably guess I like trivia quizzes, personality profiling, boxes and compartments.Yet at the same time I rebel against being tied down to anything or labelled, I constantly change my mood, I’m always in six minds aboutwhen is a bookshelf not a bookshelf..... everything and having to make a decision about anything terrifies me. Which probably accounts for the fact that I’m a double Gemini. Oh, and even when I’m wrong I’m right, apparently……

When asked to describe me in three words, Mr.Green offered: eccentric, enigmatic and completely unreliable. Ho hum.

We still have heaps to learn, lots to change, mistakes to learn from, stacks of ideas to ground into reality, things to share and lots of love to spread around the planet.
I hope you enjoy sharing in some of our adventures and feel inspired to make positive changes in your own life!

mr and mrs green 2006Please do comment if you feel moved to do so, or contact us and say Hi – we’d love to hear from you.

Mrs Green

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