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growing plants indoors with lights

Growing Vegetables Inside: How To Use Lighting To Increase Your Yield

By Mrs Green | June 7, 2021

  Some people have the luxury of a big garden or an allotment where they can grow all of their own fresh produce. But not everybody has access to a large outdoor space, so does that mean you can’t grow your own vegetables? Although many people assume you need a large garden, you can actually…

simple ways to sustainable living

5 Simple Ways to Promote Sustainable Living

By Mrs Green | May 18, 2021

  If you’d like to influence others to live more sustainably, such as your family or coworkers, there are few simple things you can try. You can come up with fun ways to introduce recycling or upcycling, or even start small initiatives at work. It’s important to lead by example and show that it’s easier…

thatched roof cottage

4 Tips For Living An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in an Older Home

By Mrs Green | May 13, 2021

  Our home is nearly 100 years old and older houses aren’t always the easiest to keep green. For example, stone walls might not have a cavity for insulation, old sash windows can be draughty and slate floors aren’t the ideal flooring for installing underfloor heating! However, there are some ways to keep older homes…

eco friendly cardboard packaging

5 Awesome Advantages of Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

By Mrs Green | May 13, 2021

  Whether you’re sending a parcel to a loved one or operating a large-scale eCommerce enterprise, the right packaging can make all the difference to the recipient as well as the environment. Using eco-friendly packaging is a great way to guarantee that you’re not causing harm to the planet by making deliveries. But how does…

planet organic discount coupon code

15% off Organic, Natural and Sustainable Products at Planet Organic

By Mrs Green | May 3, 2021

  I ran a workshop last week about stress and anxiety. We were discussing some of the random things that caused us to tip into overwhelm and I laughingly said it was things like walking down the cleaning aisle of the supermarket and not knowing which product to buy. It wasn’t just about scent or…

six edibles to grow in pots and containers

Six Edible Plants Every Kitchen Garden Needs

By Mrs Green | April 22, 2021

  Regular readers of this blog will know I love to be surrounded by nature and ‘green things’ – the clue is in the name of the site, right?! But there’s more to it than just enjoying gazing out onto grass and trees. While we all know getting into nature is good for our health,…

how to feel accomplished

4 Ways To Feel A Little More Accomplished In 2021

By Mrs Green | April 22, 2021

  2020 was a strange year. The majority of us didn’t get up to much because of the situation going on in the world. Work hours were reduced, ‘on the ground’ groups had to switch to online and we couldn’t meet up with friends and family. This meant that hobbies, interests and contributing to society…

how to exercise when you have pain

Ways To Embrace A More Active Lifestyle When You Struggle With Pain

By Mrs Green | March 25, 2021

  Exercise provides a vast range of health benefits, but how can you reap the rewards of a more active lifestyle when you suffer from pain? If you are susceptible to pain as a result of an old injury, a chronic condition, an accident or anatomical problems that affect your joints, there are ways to…

eco friendly home

5 ways to go greener throughout your home

By Mrs Green | March 18, 2021

  If you’re wondering about how to go greener in your home, I have some simple ideas for you. It can feel overwhelming to do everything at once, so the key is to start small. Why not pick just one room in your home and try putting a new habit in place? The next month,…

stress free and eco friendly

The Weight of the World: Reducing the Pressure of Being Environmentally Friendly

By Mrs Green | March 11, 2021

  If you are vocal in your community about environmental issues, but so few are receptive, they may very well be ignoring you because it’s just easier to! When you are trying to be environmentally friendly, and live your life in a certain way, it can be stressful, right? We have to learn what can…

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