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Climate Change Academy with Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust, as part of Energy Saving Week are holding eight ‘Climate Change Academies’ across the UK. The Climate Change Academies are free to attend and run on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. They run from 10 – 3:30pm and include a free lunch and three workshops.

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A FAB idea from Co-Operative for Copenhagen

Our excessive use of the earth’s resources, especially of fossil fuels, is the main cause of the harmful effects of changes in our climate systems today. By signing the Co-operatives latest petition , you’ll become part of a worldwide community calling for a FAB Agreement at Copenhagen, ie. one that is Fair, Ambitious and Binding.…

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Thoughts on Earth Hour

Did you participate in Earth Hour last night? We did; but we took things a little further, by participating in our own 12 Earth hours! Instead of simply switching off the lights, we switched off our electricity where it came into the house last night and didn’t put it back on until this morning. We…

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