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Top Things to Do After A Cancer Diagnosis

how to deal with a cancer diagnosis

  If you’ve been for tests and you’ve learned you’ve got cancer, you need to consider what your next steps will be. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first diagnosis or your 5th, your reaction is always going to come down to a single question. What do you do now? The steps that you…

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4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Running a Mobile Business

running a mobile business

When you think of owning a business, your mind will often divert to a shop or an office space. What you don’t often think about is those businesses that don’t necessarily have a “hub” for their operations. For example, hairdressers might not have an office per se and in fact, they make their money by…

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Antique & Vintage Garden Ornaments: A Guide

  Antique and vintage garden ornaments can offer more than mere decoration; they are timeless statements that breathe life, character, and history into outdoor spaces. These unique pieces, whether statues, birdbaths, or sundials, possess a beauty that endures through the ages, creating a garden ambiance that can really set your space apart from mass produced…

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The Magnetic Allure of a Killer Storefront

shop store front images

  Hey there, lovelies and casual browsers! Ever caught yourself drifting towards a shop, not ’cause you actually needed anything, but because it just looked too darn welcoming? Well, congratulations, you’ve fallen for the charms of good old visual appeal, and guess what? You’re in good company. It turns out we’re all a bit superficial…

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5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

5 ways to reduce car insurance

  Few car owners want to overpay for vehicle insurance and petrol. Fortunately, car insurance gives you financial protection in the event of accidents. Whether you have basic liability policy or full coverage, getting a fair deal is important because an affordable car insurance premium takes pressure off your finances. Admittedly, factors like increasing car…

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How To Control Light Levels In Your Home

how to control light levels at home

  If you want to try and make your home as beautiful as possible, and to make it yours, there are a lot of things that you will probably want to focus on. And one of the main ones is that you are able to control the light levels in your home as finely as…

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How to Be a Super Productive and Mindful Worker

how to be productive and mindful

  You have always been a conscientious and mindful worker in every task you do. Completing everything to the best of your ability and making the most of your time is something you’re very good at, but is there anything you could do to take your productivity to the next level? Nowadays, there are so…

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How to Increase the Efficiency of your Small Company

increasing small business efficiency

  If you run a small company then you need to focus on being as efficient as possible. If you’re not efficient in the way that you work then you won’t get the results you’re looking for. You may even find that you end up hemorrhaging money, which will eventually run you into the ground.…

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Is It Becoming Easier For Businesses To Work From Anywhere?

work from anywhere

  American billionaire investor and PayPal founder Peter Thiel famously claimed that the next billion-dollar breakthrough wouldn’t happen in Silicon Valley, but somewhere else. He imagined that we might see a breakthrough in robotics in Boston or an AI revolution in China in response to what he perceived as stagnation in San Francisco. But what…

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How To Run A Better Business As A Contractor

hiring contractor help

Working for yourself can be tough but it can also be a rewarding position to be in. You have greater flexibility in your schedule and are the one in charge of making the final decisions on important matters. Being a contractor can be a challenging industry to get into as well. However, it doesn’t mean…

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