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About Little Green Blog:

Little Green Blog was launched in 2008 and has a Domain Authority of 43

We focus on the following key areas:

  • Green Parenting
  • Ethical Consumerism
  • Natural Health
  • Eco Friendly Home and Garden
  • Green Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Self Sufficiency

We maintain a firm moral and ethical policy for advertising on LittleGreenBlog website. We will only promote  companies with a strong environmental and sustainable ethos.

We offer guest / sponsored post opportunities which include the following benefits:

Our sponsored posts include a 350-500 word feature article of original and unique content which you can submit and we'll edit to our inhouse style or we can write on your behalf. If you want to promote an infographic, we ask you to write a short intro, or we can do that on your behalf. We do not publish press releases as these do not typically provide helpful content for our readers.

Each post contains one anchor text / link of your choice. We'll add two or three other links from neutral sources such as wikipedia and a couple of internal links if relevant.

Sponsored posts stay on the home page of our site for around 2 weeks before being archived, where they remain visible in the appropriate section of the site. Our site is built on an excellent platform for Search Engine Optimisation and all our posts are crawled by Google within a few hours of publishing; giving you maximum visibility on the net.

All articles must provide value for readers so that they can make positive changes in their own lives to improve their health or reduce their impact on the environment.

Please note, we use the terms 'sponsored' and 'guest' posts interchangeably - there is no difference, as far as we are concerned, between a sponsored or guest post. Please get in touch for costs.