A FAB idea from Co-Operative for Copenhagen

coopOur excessive use of the earth’s resources, especially of fossil fuels, is the main cause of the harmful effects of changes in our climate systems today.

By signing the Co-operatives latest petition , you’ll become part of a worldwide community calling for a FAB Agreement at Copenhagen, ie. one that is Fair, Ambitious and Binding.

The voice of the co-operative movement should and will be heard; the petition will be sent to the UN, to Heads of Government, to MEPs (Members of the European Parliament), and to the Global ICA.

On December 7th, governments will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss a Climate Agreement that must save the planet for future generations. You can be part of the answer and it is important as individuals we come together under the framework ACT! to urge global leaders to sign a FAB Agreement at Copenhagen.

You can discover other actions the Co-operative are doing to help stop climate change, including supporting the 10:10 campaign and joining with the World Wildlife Fund to stop toxic fuels.

Their easy to use website has all the details as well as useful and helpful information about climate change.

I’ve signed up – have you?