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Your Business: How To Minimise Pain, Maximise Profits

business success

  You’re signing up for an adventurous ride when you start a business. After all, there’s no such thing as guaranteed success. Even the most successful businesses hit road bumps from time to time. Yet, while there’s no way to entirely prevent pain points in business, there are certain things you can do that’ll help…

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How To Secure Your Home During A Renovation Project

home security

  A home renovation is a very exciting project to embark on. However, being swept up in all the excitement and tasks, you must exercise caution and ensure your home is protected during the project. Theft cases on construction sites – whether homes or businesses – have grown more common over the past few years.…

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The Purpose of Using a Spreadsheet in Business

The purpose of using a spreadsheet in business can vary from simple record-keeping to complex analysis. Spreadsheets provide an organised way to store and access data, allowing users to create reports easily, analyse trends and make informed decisions quickly. For businesses with large amounts of data, spreadsheets are essential for managing information and ensuring accuracy.…

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Self-Care 101: How to Stay Fit and Healthy When Working From Home

keeping healthy while working from home

  Working from home has a lot of benefits such as no commute and no longer having to deal with triggering colleagues! However, working from home can have its downsides too, particularly when it comes to your health. The plenty of snacks in the kitchen, the lack of social inspiration, and the temptation to work…

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