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how to run a greener business

4 Ways To Create a Greener Business

By Mrs Green | August 19, 2021

  Small business is big business and a green business is a golden business. Yes, the way that we do business is changing. From now on, eco-friendly business is the way forward, especially after a recent survey showed that consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. With this in mind, here are some…

how businesses can avoid greenwashing

Methods for Enhancing Community Engagement

By Mrs Green | August 19, 2021

      With greenwashing rife amongst business, genuine community engagement is an excellent way for a business to boost its reputation and positive image. By being an active member of a community, you can become aware of local issues, and what matters to people; and position your company in a way that shows that…

stay healthy with plenty of rest

4 ways to have a healthy winter this year

By Mrs Green | August 17, 2021

  I don’t know about you, but I felt like autumn arrived this morning! It’s only the middle of August, yet the nights are getting darker, earlier and temperatures are already dropping. After the past 18 months, which none of us could ever imagine would happen, it’s important to move into the winter months feeling…

computer chips becoming greener

Computer Technology Is Getting Greener, But Not In The Way You’d Think

By Mrs Green | August 5, 2021

    Computers require an enormous amount of energy to run. Estimates suggest that they guzzle around 18 percent of all electrical power that is produced, and that number continues to increase as we become more reliant on them. The main power-slurping component in a standard computer is the CPU or central processing unit. This…

green alternatives

Green Alternatives to Everyday Items

By Mrs Green | July 5, 2021

  The world is gradually moving towards a greener future. Renewable and clean energy is becoming more prominent. The public is more aware than ever of the destruction being caused by unsustainable practices. Because of this, there is a willingness to improve habits by shifting to a greener way of life. And this is being…

How to Turn an Outdoor Abomination Into a Beautiful Garden

By Mrs Green | June 28, 2021

  When I moved out of my last home, the garden resembled more of  a forest and the weeds were taller than me! I liked to think I was doing my bit for nature by leaving lots of natural habitat for beneficial insects. But when my daughter came along, I suddenly realised we needed a…

simple gardening tips

Here’s What Not To Do When Starting Your Garden

By Mrs Green | June 23, 2021

  Gardening can be a wonderfully rewarding past time. You can create your own little piece of paradise to relax in and if you’re growing food, you will also have the opportunity to be a little bit self-sufficient too. However, there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid, to give yourself the best results: #1:…

lovejunk decluttering

An easy way to declutter without contributing to landfill

By Mrs Green | June 22, 2021

  This week I came across a system I’d never come across before, that makes it super easy to get rid of unwanted items from your home; WITHOUT contributing to the guilt of putting things in landfill. Decluttering is relatively ok for me, as we live in a rural area with space to store stuff.…

ethical investments

Is it Sustainable? Three things to consider when investing your money

By Mrs Green | June 18, 2021

  When you think of sustainable living, what comes to mind? Switching off the lights when you leave the room? Using public transport, a bike or walking? Buying organic food? All of these are brilliant ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but have you ever thought about the impact of where you invest your money?…

growing plants indoors with lights

Growing Vegetables Inside: How To Use Lighting To Increase Your Yield

By Mrs Green | June 7, 2021

  Some people have the luxury of a big garden or an allotment where they can grow all of their own fresh produce. But not everybody has access to a large outdoor space, so does that mean you can’t grow your own vegetables? Although many people assume you need a large garden, you can actually…

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