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how to get a good nights sleep naturally

How to get a good night’s sleep – naturally

By Mrs Green | December 16, 2016

Many of us have had the odd bad nights sleep. But what if you’re awake more than asleep at night time and now sleep derivation has become a chronic issue?

7 natural remedies to soothe anxiety

7 natural remedies to soothe anxiety

By Mrs Green | December 14, 2016

Anxiety is an ever growing problem in our ‘always on’ culture. Demands from work, families and juggling that with trying to meet our own needs means over 70% of people regularly experience symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Using aromatherapy for anti ageing

By Mrs Green | December 5, 2016

While I’m happy to grow old disgracefully, I still like to maintain the health of my skin. With so many products out there promising to turn back the clock, you only have to read the label to discover some of the unpronounceable ingredients you don’t want to put on your skin!

7 simple ways to reduce processed sugar in your diet

7 simple ways to reduce processed sugar in your diet

By Mrs Green | November 28, 2016

There is news all across the media that sugar is as addictive as some hard drugs. In fact, in Amsterdam, people are queuing up to get into sugar rehab!


4 ways to slash your winter fuel bills

By Mrs Green | November 24, 2016

The company who supply our electricity at Little Green Blog HQ contacted me last month. I didn’t realise prices (and our usage!) had crept up and my account was in arrears to the tune of £300.


Three ways to banish colds and flu

By Mrs Green | November 21, 2016

My friend is still getting over a horrible cold that had her bedridden for a week. Here at Little Green Blog HQ we’re putting all our ideas into place to stop us picking up bugs and germs.

the impact of the commute on air pollution infographic

How to reduce air pollution – three simple ways

By Mrs Green | November 18, 2016

One of the things I love most about working from home is that I no longer have to commute. This does have its downside however!

Commercial water treatments vs residential water treatments

How individuals and businesses are one and the same when it comes to ‘green issues’

By Mrs Green | November 17, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love awareness campaigns. You get campaigns for health conditions, animal or human rights and even fun things like popcorn day or Winnie the Pooh day!


The Happy Healthy Home by Filter Buy launches today

By Mrs Green | November 17, 2016

I was invited to submit my contribution to a book that is being launched today called “The Happy Healthy Home.” Tara, who contacted me said “We consider you to be an expert on the subject and would love to have you get involved.”

three ways to keep your lips soft and healthy this winter

Three natural ways to cure cracked and dry lips

By Mrs Green | November 14, 2016

Autumn is a beautiful time of year but it can wreck havoc with our skin, hair and lips. It’s not uncommon to end up with cracked, dry lips in autumn when the wind is blowing outside and we assault our bodies with the drying effects of central heating.

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