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steel strairs environmentally friendly

4 Environmental Benefits Of Building With Steel

By Mrs Green | November 12, 2018

There are many different materials that can be used for building with some being cheaper while others last a lot longer. This often means that people find it hard to choose the right types of material for their building project due to all of the available options.

Which is better for the environment – digital or film photography?

By Mrs Green | November 6, 2018

I’ve been doing a major declutter and recently came across a load of old photographs. I’m now pleased to say they are organised in albums – at last!

Landscaping trends

4 beautiful landscaping trends

By Mrs Green | October 22, 2018

If you are thinking about updating your garden, you may be at a bit of a loss regarding how to go about it. With that being said, read on to discover more about four trends that are in fashion at the moment…

Is Plant-Based Protein Powder Good For Your Health

Is Plant-Based Protein Powder Good For Your Health

By Mrs Green | August 20, 2018

Many people, especially vegetarians and vegans, rely on plant-based protein powders as one of their main sources of protein. Although it might work wonders for many, it might also be really harmful to your health if the powder contains junk ingredients.

Deelat Solar Garden Landscape Light 100 lumen

By Mr Green | August 8, 2018

Much of the world has experienced a warmer sunnier summer this year. Here in the UK we’ve seen more hours of sunshine that in many previous summers. Modern solar technology has stepped in to give us many ways to make use of all that beautiful energy even when the sun goes down at night.
We’ve been reviewing a pack of six luxurious garden solar lights by

heirloom upcycled furniture

The Art of Buying Forever Furniture

By Mrs Green | August 7, 2018

In a day and age where instant gratification rules the roost, everything rolls off a conveyor belt by the thousands and so much ends up in overflowing landfills, there has never been more need for you to buy big-ticket items that will last a lifetime or three.

How To Get Your Children Into The Garden This Summer!

By Mrs Green | July 25, 2018

The summer holidays are here and attempting to get your children into the garden can be a difficult job. You may have to compete with games consoles, computer screens and television shows.

depressed woman lying on bed

Top 4 Most Common Causes Of Depression In Adults

By Mrs Green | July 9, 2018

Depression affects millions of people worldwide, but what causes it? Today, we take a look at the most common causes of this mental health problem in adults.

soil erosion

What is erosion control and why is geotechnical engineering important?

By Mrs Green | July 5, 2018

Preventing land erosion caused by atmospheric phenomena is something that is gaining more and more importance today in fields like agriculture, coastal or land development (roads, embankments, canals, dams, reservoirs, landfills) and also construction.

7 Books, movies and people that inspire change!

By Mrs Green | July 4, 2018

While we’re having a heatwave in the UK, I’ve been spending my evenings catching up with my reading list. What better way to escape the heat than to get lost in a good book!

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