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live streaming eco friendlly events

Increase The Visibility Of Your Awareness Event

By Mrs Green | September 17, 2021

  I run a popular annual awareness campaign, which I’ve been doing since 2008. Every year I spend hundreds of hours planning content, collating events and talking to journalists. Thankfully, the internet means I can communicate with a large number of people across the world in a short period of time. It also means we…

recycle your mobile phone

Upgrading Your Smartphone To Sell Or Giveaway

By Mrs Green | September 11, 2021

  Smartphones are incredibly useful devices, having changed the world dramatically over the last couple of decades. While these devices are important, though, they are also having a dramatic impact on the environment, with many people replacing their phones on a yearly basis to get the next best thing. If you need to replace your…

how to recycle your mobile phone

How To Easily Recycle Old Mobile Phones

By Mrs Green | September 10, 2021

  There is no denying that new technology in the smartphone sector is allowing advances at a remarkable rate. While previous iterations of mobile phones were built to last, these days, many users note that once you pass the initial two-year period, phone quality drops before shortly making it obsolete. While you can ascertain this…

How to Take Your Garden to the Next Level

By Mrs Green | September 7, 2021

  There is nothing more satisfying than walking out to your garden and seeing a flourishing lawn, beautiful flowers, and fruit trees that are producing delicious produce. Unfortunately, this requires lots of time and energy that many people do not have. But if you want the best looking garden in the neighbourhood or just want…

how to create a healthy family home

Ways to Create a Healthy Family Home

By Mrs Green | September 7, 2021

As we move into autumn it’s good to rethink your home. Is it geared up for maximum wellness, so that your family can stay healthy throughout the year? Here are some ideas for a healthy home and healthy family: Let the Natural Light In Letting in the natural light is really important in the family…

teaching chiildren sustainability

How Can We Teach Our Children About The Importance Of Sustainability?

By Mrs Green | September 7, 2021

    Sustainability is important, and progress is being made in people’s understanding that we need a healthy planet to be healthy ourselves. Thankfully, the youth of today are more environmentally conscious than ever, as they realize the world they are going to live in will be one affected by the decisions of today. For…

app controlled electic heating for sustainable living

Is Electric Heating Sustainable?

By Mrs Green | September 2, 2021

    Staying warm and having a well-stocked larder are the mainstays of human comfort. How we do that has changed so much over generations and today’s buzzword is all about “smart technology”. Put simply, this is using highly efficient machines that are intelligent, automated, and responsive to our instant control. Our journey of exploring…

working from home

8 Simple Ways to Make your Computer Use More Sustainable

By Mrs Green | August 24, 2021

  The average person is set to spend over 22 years of their lives online. Shocking isn’t it? Children are spending up to 10 hours each day and it’s affecting their physical and mental health. But there’s another concern too… The environment. Even though sending an email rather than posting a letter uses less paper…

making your business more green

How To Make Your Business More Green

By Mrs Green | August 24, 2021

  Although there were terrible stories of people losing jobs and companies closing during lockdown, there were also over 400,000 NEW businesses launched during the pandemic in the UK alone! Enterprising people set up home cooked food delivery businesses, they made and sold candles, jewellery, sent out healthy snacks to people working at home and…

how to run a greener business

4 Ways To Create a Greener Business

By Mrs Green | August 19, 2021

  Small business is big business and a green business is a golden business. Yes, the way that we do business is changing. From now on, eco-friendly business is the way forward, especially after a recent survey showed that consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. With this in mind, here are some…

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