Deelat Solar Garden Landscape Light 100 lumen

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Much of the world has experienced a warmer sunnier summer this year. Here in the UK we’ve seen more hours of sunshine that in many previous summers. Modern solar technology has stepped in to give us many ways to make use of all that beautiful energy even when the sun goes down at night.

We’ve been reviewing a pack of six luxurious garden solar lights by

We’ve seen and purchased and reviewed variety of solar lights before. They come in all different shapes, sizes and types, ranging in price and quality. These solar lights are in fact very spectacular both in design and the quality of light they give out.

So what makes a good solar landscape light?

  • Long run time
  • Good weatherproofing
  • Nice warm light from LED emitters
  • Enough light to be useful
  • Durable robust construction
  • Well-priced and good value

What we loved about the solar garden lights from Deelat

Our solar lights from proved to be excellent in every respect. All the good points for a quality product were evident. From sturdy packaging and delivery to every aspect of materials and design was just what we would expect. It really makes sense to use solar technology at night time as this is both ecological, practical and friendly to the environment.

The solar lights are designed like a large wine glass with a very long stem (see images) At the top is a large 4 inch square solar panel rated at 5.5v 1.6w. During daylight hours it generates low voltage electricity to charge an internal 3.7v 2000mAh Li-Ion battery to provide power for the 100 Lumens LED array. Just after dusk, but before its fully dark the light array comes on providing a really attractive diffusion of warm powerful light covering a fully 360 degrees. The user manual indicates full night time light of 5 hours before a 25% dimming reduction before dawn. More than adequate for those long all night parties and soirées!

Unlike some inferior products, you can actually see properly all around your solar light due to bright output and well-designed diffuser. The light is soft, very slightly pink and warm to complement skin tones, garden colour and none of that nasty blue hue that some products have.


Build quality appears to be excellent. All metal body parts are aluminium and the whole assembly is rated as IP65 (weatherproof). The unit comes part assembled in a sturdy cardboard box requiring the stand to be simply screwed into the light enclosure and mounted on your patio, lawn or driveway. We noted the aluminium alloy was well coated with black. The light protector and solar panel likewise was well enclosed in hard transparent ABS plastic. Assembly time. 30 seconds!

What could be improved

The user manual (see images) indicates a ‘base’ that the solar light should be screwed to. In our review products, we had no base or screws to attach the light stand. As you can see by the images and manual, the lights are tall enough (700m high base to top) to tip over. You really do need to either screw down the base to a firm surface or as we did use tent pegs to hold the base onto the lawn. An optional lawn spike would have been a nice addition. Maybe our review item was missing the base, or perhaps it’s an extra, in which case it was not clear from the manual. Either way, the manual should make it clear that these lights have to be secured to a flat, horizontal firm surface with the LED plate facing vertically upwards to receive maximum light energy.

Heavy rain does not penetrate the light or solar panel or light box, but we noted some condensation occurring inside the clear plastic in the early hours of the morning. This soon cleared after sunrise and some warmth. It should be noted that IP65 is a lower level than IP67 which is waterproof to immersion. IP65 types of enclosures are resistant to water sprayed from all directions, but not necessarily airtight. This means that damp air can ingress and cause condensation. In normal use this is not a problem to the electrical components.


A definite ‘thumbs-up!’ The light quality is soft and pleasing, yet very strong and practical for a variety of uses from garden patios, lawns, driveways. The design is elegant, understated and would suit many environments. The pack of six lights appears to be excellent value for money and will provide enough light for all but the largest of areas. Lifespan is probably around five years, and includes a one year warranty period.

For more information please see details about Deelat Solar Landscape Light


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