Mrs Green’s psychic reading

psychic looking into crystal ballI was invited for a free 30 minute psychic reading back in December.

I felt excited, open minded but also healthily sceptical.

I’m spiritually aware and open minded that there are some extraordinarily gifted people out there; I’ve met some of them. I’ve had the privilege of meeting people who are connected to other realms, who have access to information others do not, so I was intrigued to see what would come up for me from a psychic reading.

As most of the information in the reading was due to come about over six weeks I waited those six weeks before blogging about it.

I thought about some questions beforehand. I’m aware through NLP training that it is very easy to ‘read’ some people and lead them where you want to go. Studies have been shown where anyone can learn to be ‘psychic’ by simply leading people.

So I decided to begin the session with an open-ended question to see where my psychic (Sammie from Psychic source) was coming from. Call it a test if you like.

I asked:

To begin with I’d like to throw things open to you and ask if there is anything specific you would like me to know right now…

Sammie replied

the first thing that crosses your energy is an ending (not sure of what exactly) but I am seeing that it is prudent of you to be careful of your finances at this time. I am also seeing home, finances and possessions and there is a feeling around these things of being “bound” by obligation. I am seeing that in the next 4 weeks you will be receiving some positive information about a new beginning and this new beginning impacts you in a very positive way. Are you able to connect to what I am telling you? Do you understand the need to be careful with finances for the next few weeks…I mean understand where that is coming from?

I couldn’t relate to any of that. But you see where nebulous answers are coming in here? MOST people, when contacting a psychic are at a crossroads in their lives. They call for support, help, hope and guidance. So to say she could see an ending and then in 4 weeks she promises some information about a positive new beginning all seems pretty much par for the course.If I had called in about one of the three main stressors in life – health, wealth, relationships – then I reckon she would have been accurate enough to lead someone further…

Anyway, as I said, I’m open minded; I’m also a fair person, so I continued:

I can’t really relate at the moment, but I remain open minded 🙂 I guess with my career I’m at a bit of a crossroads; what am I best suited to?

You are trying to decide how to move forward in career at this time. I am seeing that there is a female who has a strong energy about her is a person of influence in career area for you. I am also seeing that you are hoping to move forward in your current career is that correct? I am seeing that there is new beginnings in your life starting in the next few weeks as I mentioned earlier and this is going to bring with it positive energy. I see that your “intuition” is telling you at that time that you are moving forward in career.

Well I’m afraid this made no sense at all. I work for myself and love what I do – I’m simply looking for the best area of focus, but it’s not really an exceptional issue or problem. I’m happy to go with the flow and know that what will be will be…  I also asked a specific question “What am I best suited to?” which received no answer.

Then she went on to mention “a person with romantic interest” in my life!

I have no romantic interest apart from my gorgeous husband so I cut that bit short…

Sammie went onto say that this person with romantic interest (I assume she meant Mr Green!) felt I worked too much, that it was not fair and that “there have been some “words” in regard to this between you” and that I was under a lot of strain. She said over the next two weeks this ‘issue’ would pass but over the next two months some changes that were going to take place in the dynamics of your home.

Well two months have been and gone; there were no ‘words’, no ‘issue’ that passed (Mr Green and I don’t do words or issues), no change in dynamics…

Have I been under a lot of strain? Yes I guess so – I’ve been striving towards the old work / life balance and I often get it wrong and maybe Mr G DOES think I work too hard and that it’s not fair, so I’ll reserve judgement.

Then a trip was predicted for April. I pretty much know this is not going to happen. We have a short break booked in may which is when we always go away. Never say never, but I don’t think an April trip is on the cards.

We then moved onto my health, because I was experiencing a health issue that was bugging the hell out of me at the time and I couldn’t get any clarity on it.

As soon as I asked about healing this issue Sammie said “I am so sorry; I am not a healer. I can look and see if I see anything in regard to the effects of your health on you life though!.

Sammie went onto say that in six weeks a physician was coming for me.

I asked Sammie to clarify what a physician was – she told me it was a Doctor. I haven’t been to a Doctor about my health in over 12 years. I use alternative practitioners and take responsibility for my own health, so this was way off the mark.

I said “I haven’t been to the Drs in over 10 years but I see healers / therapists – could this be the same thing?”

She replied “Yes it most definitely can be. I actually see the person as a healer. I say it as physician. I didn’t mean to assume!.

Hmmm, handy.

Then I asked “Is there anyone in Spirit looking out for me; if so who?

Sammie replied  “I am seeing that this person is someone in your family that passed away in the month of June I believe. I am seeing December and June. I feel this person became ill in December and passed in June. Does that make sense to you? This was not a long time ago as they are heavy in your spirit.” You were a bit surprised to hear that they were ill. This had been kept from you (as you perceived it) for a short period of time.

This made no sense at all. The last person to die in my family was 14 years ago.

My Mother in law died last February but I never met her – so the dates would be wrong for her and she certainly is not heavy in my spirit.

Finally, as I was running out of time I threw in another ‘test’ question. I said “can you tell me anything about my relationship with my mum and dad?

Sammie replied “I am seeing a positive history and a feeling of balance in relation to this question. This is in you.

Uh Oh – so very wrong.

She then said “Do they live a ways away from you. I am seeing distance between you and I feel this is physical distance.

Ummm, just 10 miles away…

She finished up with ” You will be hearing from them with some good news that they have been hoping to hear, Meaning they will receive some news they have been waiting on and you are aware of and it will be shared with you in the next few weeks.

This never happened and I didn’t expect it to because we don’t have the sort of relationship where we share stuff.

According to the site “Sammie is a 4th generation psychic and has been utilizing her gifts since early childhood. Born under the Zodiac sign Virgo she is straightforward and honest as well as compassionate and understanding. Sammie’s empathic abilities allow her to make an instant connection and join energies with you in order to gain powerful insight in to what the universe is offering as divine guidance.As your psychic advisor Sammie is able to connect with your past, present and future energies in order to bring you understanding and direction in all areas of your life. She will guide you through all of the ups and downs and give you the sense that you are speaking with a long time friend. ”

All in all I wasn’t impressed with the quality of ‘psychic information’ given. However, Sammie was a lovely person; I was actually quite nervous before the session and she put me right at ease. Sammie typed quickly, so you didn’t waste valuable minutes waiting for her to respond (you pay by the minute for psychic chat) and she was punctual – she arrived to the second at the start of our session. She didn’t waste time with small talk but got right down to business to give you full value for money. I feel Sammie is genuinely sympathetic and compassionate but as for her psychic skills, I remain healthily sceptical 😉

I must mention the person who set up my reading – Teresa Lopez and I have to say her customer care skills were legendary. She took exceptional care of me (it’s a long story but we tried to set this reading up about 4 times before it actually happened!), she retained a sense of humour, was polite and did everything in her powers to make things work. She was incredibly patient and professional. She was easy going, not easily flustered and if I were looking for someone to hire, she’d be right up there on my list of people to headhunt!

What about you? Have you ever had a brilliant psychic reading? Did it change your life?