4 reasons to plan a green funeral

green funeralIt’s not something we like to think about every day, but the only certainty in life is that one day you’re going to die.

So doesn’t it make sense to think things through?

As an advocate of green living, the thought of being slathered in formaldehye, buried in an oak coffin and with a big chunk of stone taken out of the ground for my headstone goes against many of my values and beliefs.

Green or eco funerals are becoming more and more common as people wake up to their ethical principles and want a funeral that reflects their eco credentials. In fact, it’s estimated that four in ten adults would now consider a green burial.

Let’s look at some of the compelling reasons to plan a green funeral

Peace of mind

If you plan your funeral in advance, you take away all confusion from your loved ones.

Can you imagine trying to second guess someone’s wishes when you are already emotionally distraught?

By involving your family in your funeral arrangements, and making them aware of your choices you know that when the time comes they will take comfort in the fact that they’re following your wishes.

Pay in advance

Shop around for competitive life insurance quotes and you’ll be able to save your loved ones a big bill.

A funeral bill can come as a big shock at a time of distress and many families do not have the finances to cover them.

You can even plan and pay for your funeral in advance with some companies which means you can inflation-proof the price of the funeral by guaranteeing funeral directors’ costs are kept at today’s prices

Ecological coffins

Don’t rely on a 500 year old oak tree for your coffin; choose a more sustainable option.

Choices include recycled material such as cardboard lined with untreated wool or a natural material that is grown in a sustainable way such as bamboo or willow lined with bio degradable cotton.


Instead of headstones there are plenty of alternatives.

A woodland burial with a tree planted on the grave instead of a traditional headstone is common. Many ecologically minded people are against the idea of cremation and prefer a more natural burial.

Some companies offer a variety of options for those who have an affinity with trees including the ability to sponsor a tree in a rainforest, a sapling planted on your behalf in woodland or a memorial tree you can plant yourself. Alternatively you can choose a meadow burial.

What about you – are you planning a green funeral or haven’t you thought about it?