Are you part of the revolution?

Co-operative ethical supermarketThe Co-operative is my supermarket of choice. Yes of course I’d like to lay claim to doing all my food shopping through small, local shops, but the Co-operative is the next best thing.

They are member owned, have some excellent ethical policies and every year The Co-operative helps people to change the world by supporting thousands of initiatives.

This week I learned through their new advertising campaign how the Co-operative came about. It was started by the Rochdale Pioneers in 1844. They were visionaries who designed a business based on democratic principles, owned by the customers and reinvesting in the community it served. This revolution was called The Co-operative!

Now you are invited to Join the revolution of the 21st century and Get involved by becoming a “modern-day Co-operative success story” because the hunt is on for the best revolutions in the country. The most popular initiatives will get £5000 to boost their project.

Do you have a burning ambition to change your local community for the better? Then why not apply? As long as your ‘revolution’ falls into one of their 4 categories you can apply:

Combating climate change

Benefiting the community

Tacking global poverty

Inspiring young people

Co-operative ethical supermarket

Close to me, the forest foundation have applied for help with planting and developing existing and new woodland. Their aim is to plant native deciduous and fruit trees, in order to develop small copses and woodlands. This initiative has been raised in light of the recent Government plans to sell off some of our ancient forests.

Another fantastic initiative is Urban bees who encourage urban beekeeping by training and educating people to become responsible beekeepers in an urban environment. If you want to encourage bees to your garden this year, check out our bee friendly plants guide.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, join the Co-operative Facebook page where you can take part in interesting discussions about the future of supermarkets.

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