Change the world wednesday week 7

recycle3This week’s Change the World Wednesday Challenge, set by Reduce footprints is all about recycling.

This is a subject I am passionate about and the challenge is rather interesting. It’s also something I’m acutely aware I need to do better on.

As Reduce Footprints points out, recycling produces a lot of reclaimed materials. In order for the process to work, there needs to be a strong aftermarket for products made from recycled content.
For this week’s challenge it’s time to close the loop!

Each time you shop for a non-food item, look to see whether a recycled version is available. If feasible, buy the recycled version. If there isn’t one, but it’s a category such as paper where you know recycled versions exist, ask the store to start carrying a recycled version.

This is something I could definiately improve on. Although I recycle evertying I can, and put out a minimal amount of waste each week, I need to create the demand for the products I’m recycling by purchasing more recycled items.

I’m afraid I mostly look at price and sometimes, for paper goods will check they are from sustainably managed forests.

So this week I’ll be spending more time making environmentally friendly and sustainable purchases.

What about you – do you buy recycled products wherever possible or is this a challenge you could join in with too?