Chocolate that is good for you and the trees!

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organic-meltdownThis has to be one of the most delicious ways to save trees! For every bar of Organic meltdown chocolate that you eat, one tree will be saved with their campaign.

Organic meltdown have teamed with with the World Land Trust charity to preserve forests. So far, over 106,000 trees have been saved. The chocolate not only tastes great, but it’s organic and fairtrade too.

The campaign is helping to preserve valuable tropical rainforests and the wildlife that lives there.

Saving trees

You can find out exactly which tree you have saved because each bar wrapper is assigned a number which relates to a tree in the endangered forest.You simply zoom in to ‘your tree’ using Google Earth, available on the Organic meltdown site.

The aim of the campaign is to to help combat global warming by saving as many trees as possible; with the hope of preserving five million trees by 2012. Organic Meltdown is currently working to preserve a forest of more than 500,000 trees in Ecuador.

How it works

For every bar of Organic Meltdown that’s sold, Brand Stand makes a donation to the World Land Trust to save a tree.

The trees are then owned by local conservation groups and managed by the World Land Trust, which means the trees are saved from destruction.

Brand stand Limited

Brand Stand Limited specialises in creating ethical brands, gathering experts from many different backgrounds, including those dealing with environmental concerns and global warming. From this they brand, market and sell new products that emphasize responsible corporate citizenship and care taken to offset the true cost of business.

Brand Stand is a member of 1% for the Planet – businesses who donate 1% of their sales to the natural environment.

Fairtrade, organic chocolate

Bars of Organic meltdown are available in all Waitrose stores in 90g bars. The  flavours are:

  1. Dark (71% cocoa)
  2. Milk (38% cocoa)
  3. Indian Spice (71% cocoa)
  4. Rooibus & Raspberry (58% cocoa)

Each bar costs £2.19.

What better excuse to indulge in a bar of your favourite organic, fairtrade chocolate?

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