Community food growing for 2012

capital growth - transforming Londons spaces into growing landI’ve just been reading about Capital Growth, a campaign which has a goal of creating 2012 new community food growing spaces for London by 2012.

The Capital Growth campaign offers practical advice and support to communities around London, and helps people get access to land to create successful food growing spaces.  Their vision is to transform London into a green and productive city with thriving communities and delicious fresh food.

As they point out, there are plenty of green space in London; we just need to use them! Yet at the same time there is a massive shortage of allotments in all the inner London boroughs. Capital growth are encouraging people to look at space in a different way – to see the potential of otherwise neglected areas which could be turned over to food production.

There has been a massive increase recently in the interest of people growing their own food. This is due to concerns about food miles, the environment, health and prices. People want better access to good quality affordable food and more and more people are realising the health and community benefits of growing their own food.

Co-ordinated by London Food Link, Capital growth have already provided funding for 70 new London food growing spaces.

If you live in a London borough, are a school, have some land space or roof space suitable for growing food why not get in touch? Capital Growth are also looking for help – maybe you can supply horticultural and enterprise training or donate equipment or legal advice.

You can keep up with their latest news through twitter: @Capital_Growth or visit their site and sign up for their newsletter.

If you’re outside London; don’t forget landshare – connecting people with land to the people who want it.