Credit crunch tips for an eco friendly lifestyle

houseMany people are watching the pennies right now due to the credit crunch and there are many myths about an co friendly lifestyle requiring lots of disposable income.

The truth is, with a little thought and planning lots of ways to save money help protect the planet and your health too.

Here are 8 simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint AND save money.

I’d love to hear your ideas!

  1. Scour charity shops and eBay for second hand clothing and children’s books / toys
  2. Grow some of your own food – a few sprouted seeds in the windowsill, some tomatoes in a hanging basket or salad leaves in a windw box prove you don’t need a garden to grow food!
  3. Make your own cards from old cards that you have been given!
  4. Bake your own bread, cakes and biscuits – you’ll know exactly what is in them and will be able to make them for a fraction of the price
  5. Join your local library and borrow instead of buying books or use a scheme like Book Mooch.
  6. Take your own packed lunch to work; it will reduce packaging and save you money
  7. Make simple household cleaners such as vinegar and water for mirrors and glass and bicarbonate of soda for cleaning the bath and sinks. Discover how to use lemons,
  8. Take a shower instead of bath, but TIME YOURSELF. Give yourself a maximum of 4 minutes (probably the length of your favourite song!) and try and Eaga shower smart to reduce the amount of water you use:

What are your tips for going green on a budget?