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action aid povertee day

action aid povertee day

On Friday 18 June Action Aid are celebrating PoverTee Day; a national day to help fight the major causes of poverty worldwide.

They’re asking people in the UK to swap their usual suit or uniform for a t-shirt. You donate £2 for the privilege (50p if you’re in school) and the money raised will help Action Aid continue their work.

Money raised from Povertee Day will be used to fund a number of projects including providing school text books in Haiti or irrigation programmes for some of Ethiopia’s poorest farmers. Some will be used to provide basic and nutritious food for school children in Malawi while the rest will provide emergency food aid in Kenya.

The message behind PoverTee Day is simple; if you’ve got something to say about poverty, you can get it off your chest by wearing a t-shirt!

Donating just £2 – less than a cup of takeout coffee,  will help give the world’s poorest and most excluded communities a voice.

You can sign up online or call 01460 23 8000. You’ll receive a fund raising pack and there are some great resources available  to make your fund raising event a success.

According to Action Aid:

1. Globally, one billion people (or one sixth of humanity) are hungry.

2. Out of those one billion people, 75 per cent are farmers or farm workers.

3. Women produce up to 80 per cent percent of food in Africa, but own only 1 per cent of the land.

4. To achieve the Millennium Development Goal of halving hunger we need to spend an additional $40 billion per year.

What about you – will be you be swapping your usual clothes for a t-shirt and raising money for poverty??

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