Five Reasons Why Looking After Trees In Your Garden Helps The Environment

how trees benefit your garden and the environment


While we might turn to tree surgeons in Chelmsford to help remove or trim our trees, it’s especially important to see the benefits that come with having trees in our gardens. The world is facing a serious problem in global warming, but trees can play a huge role in helping to reduce the likelihood of these problems arising. Therefore, it pays to look after the ones you have in your garden.

Let’s look at five reasons why you should look after your trees and in turn, the environment too:

Trees Provide Clean Air

It is a well-known fact that trees help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and that means that they provide a natural solution when it comes to rising greenhouse gasses. By maintaining trees and keeping them healthy you will encourage them to thrive. A healthy tree will help to remove carbon dioxide and that means that we will benefit from cleaner air to breathe. With the recent stories in the news about high levels of pollution affecting people’s health, this is even more important.

They Help to Reduce Water Runoff

In recent years, we have had significant problems with heavy rainfall and flooding. More people are choosing to remove turf and trees while installing low maintenance solutions such as paving or artificial grass. All of this contributes to surface water and that can mean more water finding its way into drains and that leads to flooding. However, if we look after our trees, they will help to prevent a large percentage of water from reaching the surface and that can mean that the risk of flooding is reduced.

They Provide Shade and Shelter

Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, trees in the garden can provide an excellent level of shade and shelter. During the summer months, we benefit from the fact that trees provide an excellent level of shade while they also release water vapour into the air. However, animals and wildlife can also benefit from trees during the winter as they can help to protect them from the harsh elements and the cold.

Natural Habitat

Our wildlife is suffering as a result of trees and whole habitats being removed. By looking after the trees in your garden, you can help to provide a much-needed habitat for wildlife. You will make it possible for birds to nest in the canopy while small animals will also make a home in the root systems as well the trunks. Some species of trees can have a huge impact on wildlife as some can support more than 280 types of insects, all of which will provide food for birds and other animals.

They Trap Dust and Pollutants

Each tree has the ability to remove around 1.7 kilograms of dust and pollutants each year. This is because they provide a barrier that works to filter, trap and absorb pollutants. We are constantly surrounded by these pollutants, and not only can they harm humans directly but they can also impact the ground and wildlife.

Not only are trees great to look at but they play an integral role in looking after our environment and that’s why we should do all we can to take care of our trees in our gardens.