Greener Together

Greener together co-operativeSponsored by DEFRA, Greener Together is a new website and initiative set up by Jamie Colston, who is a member of transition Bath.

The idea is to share sustainable lifestyle changes in order to reduce our impact on the environment in the areas of energy, waste and personal transport.

Greener Together enables member organisations of Co-operatives UK, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH) and the Plunkett Foundation to work with their members and customers in achieving greener behaviour.

The aim is to help people focus  on small actions they can take in their own lives to achieve global change. Many member organisations are already doing great things to encourage their members to live in a more sustainable way. The Greener Together project builds upon this success and helps to strengthen relationships between organisations and their members.

The belief is that people working together and sharing ideas,  methods and resources brings about a greater impact than people working individually or in isolation. Through working with their members and networks, co-operatives can collectively  make a big difference.

By joining up, you’ll be part of an active community and able to connect with like-minded people who are striving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. You can pledge to reduce your C02 by up to 20% in two out of three of the key areas, over a six month period.