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How to get the ‘green’ job of your dreams

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 June 2009 Loading Add to favourites  No Comment

a green land force job in natureIs it time for you to enjoy a ‘green’ job in the truest sense of the word? Many of us work in jobs we hate. The Monday morning blues is a frequent part of our lives and we dream of a more simple or fulfilling life.

We work just to enjoy the weekends, the car, the holiday and the nights out on the town.

As we spend so much of lives working, doesn’t it make sense to try and find a rewarding and fulfilling career? The knock on effects of this are ten fold – increased happiness, better health and a true sense of purpose.

Land-based jobs

Even the credit crunch needn’t stop you finding a job you love. As the market changes, it means different jobs become available.

With green and environmental issues reaching dizzying heights, there are more calls for people to work in the organic and farming sector. As the trend towards organic food increases, job opportunities are likely to increase in the coming decades to keep up with ever increasing consumer demand.

Working with the earth

Imagine if your job could really make a difference! Imagine how you would feel at the end of the day.

Land-based jobs aren’t just about running a large farm and milking cows. There are a whole host of jobs I didn’t even know existed until I started browsing the Land force website. It’s a one stop job site specialising in the land-based industries.

There are weed research technicians, seed and crop research and animal nutrition experts to name but a few.

The job of your dreams

Land-based jobs offer a great service to those looking for jobs and employees looking for staff. You can advertise your CV on their website for employees to purchase. If you are looking for staff you can get targeted CVs to save you time on sifting through applicants.

Looking on the vacancies site today I see a professional gardener, a riding instructor for a stables and an assistant warden for the RSPB. Doesn’t that sound more enticing than sitting in an office at a computer all day!

What about you – what would the job of your dreams be; or are you already doing it?


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