Increase The Visibility Of Your Awareness Event

live streaming eco friendlly events


I run a popular annual awareness campaign, which I’ve been doing since 2008. Every year I spend hundreds of hours planning content, collating events and talking to journalists. Thankfully, the internet means I can communicate with a large number of people across the world in a short period of time. It also means we can create hybrid event solutions by harnessing the best of technology.

It can be difficult to manage a large event or awareness campaign. To truly stand out, you need to take some risks and try new things. Because there is so much noise in the environmental world (which is a great thing of course!) it means audiences can often overlook what is in front of them because they have already seen it all before.

However, don’t let that put you off! With some good planning you can pull off a popular event with engaged, loyal followers.

  • Get clear on your goals

It’s easy to get lost in the passion of your event, that you lose sight of your goals. It’s really important to focus on a specific theme so that your audience know what to expect. Keep things simple and don’t overwhelm. Pick a topic that a wide range of people can engage with, no matter their level of experience or expertise. It needs to be relateable for a wide audience. This isn’t a time to show off your academia, but to keep things down-to-earth, fun, and to help people feel a sense of personal achievement. Show them actionable steps and teach them about the impact of taking those steps.

  • Harness the power of social media

In our technological age, social media is currently the most popular platform due to the large number of individuals who have created accounts and are active on them. If you can provide enticing details about a future event, with great imagery and few words, people will inquire out of curiosity. Some people may take a look and then forget about it in a few minutes; which is where the power of social media comes in, as you can keep reminding people at different times of the day, set up events and webinars – at little to no cost to you.

  • Live stream the event

If you’re running on-the-ground events, not everyone can attend live. Especially in our current uncertain climate. This is where live streaming comes in. Online live events have soared since the early part of 2020 and it’s been a life saver for many events organisers! It also ties in beautifully with a low-impact event as you can reach more people, with less carbon footprint caused by travelling. There are numerous options available for live streaming, but in order to get a more professional appearance, you may even want to consider hiring a live streaming company. Live streaming is the way of the future.