J.R.Holland gives back to the community

Dave Featherstone, Farm Manager feeds Daisy with carrots supplied by J.R. Holland Food Services I’m often inspired by ‘ordinary people’ doing extraordinary things. I love to share stories with a positive theme and ones which warm the heart.

It’s easy to tune into the doom and gloom prophecies of the media but here at Chez Green we like to share the positive stuff too and today I want to talk about J.R.Holland, an  import, distribution and wholesale company for fruit and vegetables.

J.R.Holland, who describe themselves as ‘an ethical company that looks after its employees as well as its customers’ have an expanding corporate social responsibly policy and are rolling out contributions to community projects in the North east area.

The first project to sign up to the programme was Stepney Banks Stables, a charitable organisation where horses are used to motivate, educate and pass on key social skills to disadvantaged and hard to reach groups.

J.R.Holland will be making weekly delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables for the horses, on a continual basis.

Maintaining the animal theme, J.R.Holland are also donating fruits, greens and root vegetables to the sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, horses and poultry at Clarence’s Community Farm, which is situated in one of Teeside’s most socially deprived areas.

Clarence’s gives town children the opportunity to experience rural life, educate them about animals, learn about conservation and gives them the chance to get close to nature by cuddling animals!

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