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marieOn a Sunday I share three stories from the internet.

They might help you reduce energy consumption, reduce your carbon footprint, take care of your health naturally or help you conserve water.

Have a read of this week’s stories.

Natural pesticides

We grow organically here at Chez Green and part of that means using natural repellents to reduce pest attack.

Marigolds are the organic gardener’s best friend, but over on Eco Salon, you can discover 12 plants which help you to garden organically.

Some plants have scents which repel or confuse pests. Others attract beneficial wildlife to your garden which act as natural predators.

Read their “12 Pesticidal Plants for Safe DIY Lawn and Garden Care” to find out more.

Locavore challenge

After watching ‘A crude awakening’ this weekend, it made me stop and think about the amount of oil we consume. It’s not just about how often we fill up our cars, but everything we buy, especially food, is literally dripping in oil!

Over in Chicago, locals have committed to eating locally grown and produced foods for two weeks with their Locavore Challenge.

It’s not just individuals who are signed up; lots of restaurants have made the pledge too! After harvesting a huge cucumber here at Chez Green yesterday and with the beautiful Indian summer we’re enjoying, perhaps we could all try and eat more local and seasonal food.

Win with Ideal Bite!

Marié Digby broke onto the music scene with her huge YouTube following thanks to wildly popular covers like “Umbrella”.

Her second album Breathing Underwater just debuted with the single, “Avalanche”

Marié is passionate about making more natural choices in her daily life, and over at Ideal Bite they’re offering 30 signed copies of the album in their Marié Digby: Music That Naturally Rocks sweepstakes!

To be eligible to win, you must live in the US and enter by September 24, 2009.

Find out more and enter here.

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