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sigg_water_bottlesEach week I round off with a selection of stories from around the blogosphere.

The stories are in some way related to eco issues such as helping you reduce your carbon emissions, natural health care, green parenting or organic food.

Let me know what you think of this week’s three stories!

Eco friendly college supplies

At the beginning of the month we helped you choose eco friendly supplies for sending your kids back to school with.

Once your children have grown up, they’ll be needing college supplies.

Featuring organic sheets, rechargeable batteries and a reusable drinking bottle, Ideal Bite have put together their “Top 10 things to pack for college

Water footprint

We’ve all heard about the carbon footprint; some of you may be well aware of what your’s is. But what about your water footprint?

As well as the water you use directly; through washing, cooking and taking care of your garden, there is indirect use from most of the things you consume.

Did you know that one cup of coffee, actually uses 37 gallons of water? Or a pound of beef uses an astonishing 1500 gallons of water?

For a great visual representation of some direct and indirect uses of water; walk this way … you’ll see that buy swapping beef, wine and bread for chicken, baked potato and beer you’ll save 1239 gallons of water.

A 10 year old who’s changing the world

I’ve been reading about Joe who is ten.

Joe has been selling his unwanted toys on Amazon and he’s been sending them out in re-used packaging. He’s been putting a note in with his parcels to inspire others to do the same!

I love this story; it’s a real heart warmer and shows how the little things can have a huge impact.

Read “A great kid being kind to the planet

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