mrs Green’s Sunday Stories

M&S plan AIt’s time for my three green stories from the internet.

Each week I bring stores about reducing energy consumption, conserving water, natural health or green technology.

Have a read of this week’s stories and let me know what you think!

How green are your pets?

Our beloved cat died last week, but she left a tiny footprint when she left us, in more ways than one.

In fact, her euthanasia injection was the first drugs she had been given for at least ten years.

She was fed fresh food – chicken, liver and fish which I bought in reusable or recyclable containers and we treated any ailments at home, using natural remedies.

Over on Re-Nest this week, they shared ‘Green your pets‘ with suggestions for holistic pet care and other ways to make your furry friends more environmentally friendly.

Will you pay more for green?

A recent survey found over a third (35 per cent) of UK consumers are willing to pay just one to five per cent  extra for an environmentally-friendly product or service.

Only 11 per cent are willing to pay between five and 10 per cent and only one per cent are sufficiently committed to pay an environmental premium of more than a 10 per cent.

Overall, this means almost half of UK consumers are willing to pay some kind of green premium, even in the current recession.

While 47 per cent of UK consumers are willing to pay a green premium, 34 per cent said categorically that they were not and 14 per cent weren’t sure.

What about you – are you willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products and services?

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M & S earn carbon trust standard

Marks & Spencer has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint through Plan A.

The retailer’s 100-point ecological plan was launched in January 2007 has led it to reduce carrier bag use, improve the recyclability of its packaging and focus on seeking alternative sources of power, rather than signing up to carbon offsetting schemes.

M&S’s Plan A has to date made numerous ‘green’ energy achievements which includes improving store efficiency by 10% this year.

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