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'Green' iPhone protector made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles

'Green' iPhone protector made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles

It’s time for a round up of some of the best green stories from around the blogosphere.

Here you’ll find some articles that have piqued my interest to do with the green topics we cover on our site.

You might  find some way to reduce your carbon footprint, garden organically, take control of your health naturally or lead a more eco friendly lifestyle.

Green iPhone protectors

Ok, I have an dinosaur pay as you go mobile phone that I’ve never used the credit on, but I’m an aspiring gadget girl at heart.

*If* I had an i-phone I’d be checking out some of these great protectors made from bamboo, cork, recycled bicycle tubes, old plastic bottles or hemp.

Go and take a look at the number of different green options available for keeping your iPhone safe with Eco Salon’s “Green iPhone protectors“.

Mercury contamination in fish

Over on green living tips this week I read the rather alarming news that scientists this week,detected mercury contamination in every fish tested from 291 streams across the USA.

Around a quarter of these fish had mercury levels exceeding the guidelines established by the U.S. EPA for people. And over two-thirds of the fish exceeded the U.S. EPA level of concern for other fish-eating mammals.

It’s an interesting time for me, as I decided, after 8 years to add fish to my diet again and I’ve been eating it for the past two weeks.

What to do?

Go and read “Mercury contamination widespread in USA fish” and let me know what you think.

Indoor air pollution

With indoor air pollution up to five times worse than outdoor, it’s time for us all to pay more attention to the air in our homes.

Over on Re-Nest you’ll find “10 ways to improve your indoor air pollution” including the use of house plants, which we have covered on Little Green Blog before – check out our “best house plants for removing pollutants” article.