Mrs Green’s Three green stories

fish in the coral seasOn a Sunday I share some inspirational stories I have found across the internet.

They can be to do with any aspect of green living, such as energy reduction, green parenting or natural health. I’ll also include any stories that lift the spirit and speak to the soul. A holistic lifestyle is what little green Blog is all about!

So make yourself comfortable and share some of my favourite stories from this week:

Coral seas

There is a stunning set of pictures of Coral Seas on Twilight Earth this week.

I don’t mind admitting that seeing these photographs made me cry.

Some things in nature are so beautiful they bring me to my knees with emotion and this is certainly one of them. I almost felt as if I were at the bottom of the ocean myself, surrounded by nature and all that she has to offer.

2000 watt society

Mr Green shared a find he made on the internet this week.

Over on the United Nations University, “Our World” website, they talk about the ‘2000 watt society‘, which is a Swiss plan to reduce energy consumption.

The concept aims to achieve an average use of 2 kW by the year 2050 without compromising living standards and mobility.

At present, the average European uses around 6,000 watts, compared to 12,000 W in the United States, 1,500 W in China and 300 W in Bangladesh.

Reuse plastic milk bottles

Here’s a great tip for when you go away on holiday and have no one to water your plants.

Cara shares her tips for reusing old plastic milk bottles to set up a drip feed irrigation system. It means your plants can thrive and you can enjoy your holiday!